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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School



VIVO is our online rewards system. It offers pupils across all year groups the opportunity to earn VIVOs which can be used to purchase ‘real-world’ items from the extensive VIVO shop.

Pupils are automatically rewarded with VIVOs for excellent effort, homework and behaviour on their reports, 100% attendance and their contributions to extra-curricular activities and the wider school community. Furthermore, they can earn VIVO points in a variety of ways across the school, from consistently demonstrating appropriate behaviour for learning, producing excellent pieces of class work through to making positive contributions to the development of the school and active engagement in extra-curricular activities.

With a user friendly account interface, pupils can easily track and manage their VIVO totals and then spend what they have earned on things from stationery through to a mini-fridge! Pupils in Key Stage 4 are able to save their VIVOs and redeem them against the cost of their Leavers’ Ball ticket or Yearbook.

However, commendably, many choose to donate their VIVOs to charity. In 2014-15 over £650 was raised in this way to support the Nepal Earthquake Disaster Fund, Cancer Research UK and Children in Need 2014.

We believe our use of VIVOs enables us to inspire, motivate, provide incentives and reward our young people and contributes to raising achievement!