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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

Care, Guidance & Support 

We recognise that as individuals, pupils have diverse needs as they mature into young adults and respond to the challenges of learning and life in different ways. Our Care, Guidance and Support team delivers high quality pastoral and academic provision designed to ensure that all pupils can thrive at Deer Park and develop into confident, self-assured learners ready for life in modern Britain.

Within the Care, Guidance and Support team each pupil has a dedicated tutor who will meet and register their tutor group every morning and make sure they are ready for the day. The Tutor will often be the first point of contact for pupils and parents or carers in case of concerns or queries about school.

Pastoral Team

Working closely with the tutors we have an “all through” Pastoral team who are dedicated to ensuring that pupils are ready to learn and are able to make progress. Each year group has a Year Leader who understands the academic and social profile of their year group and is dedicated to supporting individuals and groups of pupils as they face some of the challenges that the journey through adolescence can present.

We believe that this journey at Deer Park starts in Year 6, before pupils officially start with us. Our Year 7 Year Leader is an excellent point of contact for both parents and pupils and is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition from primary to secondary school though our supportive Induction programme. This programme includes visits to primary schools by our Year 7 Year Leader who will meet with pupils, teachers and parents, as well as being a friendly face on our Year 6 Induction Days. Our Year 7 Year Leader will then support all new pupils so they can settle into the busy and rewarding life at Deer Park from September.

Our Year 7 Year Leader works closely with our Year 8 Year Leader to ensure that all pupils' personal development and wellbeing is fully supported when they move up to Year 8 in June of their first year. The Year 8 Year Leader will continue to provide a valuable point of contact for parents and carers as pupils continue their journey in Year 8.

When pupils progress into Year 9 they will stay with their new Year Leader through Year 10 until they leave us at the end of Year 11. The Year Leader is dedicated to providing the necessary support for older teenagers as they navigate the different choices for their GCSE study and enjoy the challenge of studying for examinations. Support is also available for the transition to college, sixth form, work placement, traineeships or apprenticeships. This includes the opportunity for work experience, mock interviews, university visits and high quality impartial careers advice and guidance. The Year Leader also provides support on a wide variety of issues to ensure the personal development and wellbeing of pupils as they progress through Year 9, 10 and 11.  

All our Year Leaders work closely with our Attendance and Support Officer (read more...) and with our Inclusion Team to provide coherent and comprehensive pastoral care for all pupils.

Contact the Pastoral Team.

 Inclusion Centre

Working closely with the pastoral teams, we have an onsite Inclusion Centre. Experienced staff in our Inclusion Centre provide direction, care, guidance and support for pupils with a range of different needs. It accommodates pupils who need a bit of 'time out' or respite, as well as supporting those who follow personalised timetables following periods of illness or a change in school mid-term.

As a part of our inclusion and support programme for pupils with medical, social, emotional or behavioural issues, pupils follow personalised learning or reintegration programmes. We actively support pupils to take responsibility for their actions, engage positively in their learning and ensure they are better equipped to deal with and manage the issues they may face in the future.

 Medical/Welfare Team

The Welfare Medical team in school also work closely with the Pastoral team and Inclusion Centre to ensure the health and welfare of pupils on a day to day basis. Read more...


Our Care, Guidance and Support team works hard to provide support for individual pupils and key groups of learners. We have experienced members of staff who monitor progress and work specifically with pupils with key groups of learners, including those with SEN and those for whom the Pupil Premium provides support.

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