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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School


Cirencester Deer Park School is a member of the Corinium Education Trust, a multi academy Trust comprising Deer Park, Kemble, Siddington and Chesterton Primary schools.

As a company limited by guarantee and to meet the requirements of company law the Corinium Education Trust has a dual governance level. It has:

  1. Members, the equivalent of shareholders in a commercial limited company, and
  2. Trustees who are the directors of the company and who together comprise the Trust Board (“TB”) and who report and are accountable to the Members. The TB has overall responsibility for the operation of the academies within the Trust. It delegates functions that are specific to the individual academies to committees known as Local Governing Bodies (“LGB”) and it delegates certain of its functions that relate to the Trust as a whole to other committees of the TB.
  3. An Executive Team, made up of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Director of Finance & Operations and school Headteachers who have delegated responsibility for the day to day operation of the Trust and the individual academies within the Trust.


Local Governing Body (LGB)

The composition of the Local Governing Body of Cirencester Deer Park is determined by the Trustees but will always include at least 2 parent LGB members.

The responsibilities that the Trust has delegated to the LGB are:

  • Reporting to the Trust Board on the overall performance of the academy
  • In conjunction with the CEO and Headteacher of each school determine the annual spend of that part of the Trust budget delegated to be managed by the academy
  • Monitoring of educational outcomes in the academy
  • Appointment of staff working at the academy in accordance with Trust policies
  • Monitoring all aspects of safeguarding, SEN, equality and student welfare
  • Monitoring and managing all aspects of risk in relation to the academy in collaboration with the Headteacher and Director of Finance & Operations
  • Dealing with the regulatory requirements of admissions and exclusions through designated committees of the LGB
  • Liaising with the Trust Board, CEO and Director of Finance & Operations on all aspects of policy setting as they may respectively require
  • Arranging election of elected members of the LGB in accordance with the Articles of Association

The LGB may sub-delegate any of its functions to a sub-committee of the LGB or to an individual LGB member or to the Headteacher.

The LGB may be required to convene additional Committees as follows:

  • Admissions appeals
  • Pupil exclusions appeals


Current members of the Local Governing Body

Rachel Brindley (Chair)

rachael brindleyParent Governor from November 2021. One child at Deer Park. Senior Director in research and analysis in technology channels with a focus on sustainability. Previously Foodbank manager across South Cotswolds, focused on understanding drivers and impacts of poverty on local community. Trustee at Community Connexions.

Katherine Broomfield 

katherine broomfieldParent Governor. Speech and language therapist. Undertaking a PhD in developing clinical tools to support the evaluation of health care interventions with people who use communication aids. Trustee of Communication Matters - a charity supporting people who have complex communication difficulties. One child at Deer Park.

Richard Roberts 

richard robertsParent Governor. Rich has one child at Deer Park and another who will (hopefully) be joining in September 2022. Working as Group HR Director at Tetra Tech, a global consulting organisation, Rich has experience of board governance and leading organisations through change; as well as having been governor for an outstanding primary school for more than 6 years.

Hema Naselli

hema naselliParent to a child in Year 9 and previous experience of being a Governor at a primary school. Background of working for children in social care and the family court welfare service.  Passionate about supporting diversity and inclusion in schools. 

Paul Patterson

Paul PattersonParent Governor from January 2023 with one child at Deer Park. Research Psychologist and Public Mental Health lead for NHS youth mental health service in Birmingham. General focus on supporting young people’s wellbeing and emotional resilience. Currently identifying opportunities for prevention through digital education resources.

Jonathan Sparkhall

jon sparkhallParent Governor from January 2023. One child at Deer Park. Qualified Actuary, with 18 years of experience in Financial Reporting with a number of Life Insurance companies.

Edward Jamieson  

edward jamiesonParent Governor from January 2023. Ed has two children at Deer Park. A chartered engineer and executive for a large European electricity generator, Ed has experience of business unit management and change in large organisations. He sponsors and supports entry programmes within his business covering apprentices through to graduates.

Micheal Ezewudo  

Micheal Edewudo Mikey moved to Cirencester in 2013 when he started working in the UK electric power industry, after a stint at Honda UK. Having studied in various countries, including doing a Master's Degree at Mälardalen University in Sweden, a place renowned for its diversity, he wishes to be a role model to pupils at Deer Park by being a part of the LGB for his local secondary school.

Anitha Muthukumaran

Staff Governor, from May 2024.

Sarah Worster

SarahWorster croppedClerk to the Local Governing Body.


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