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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

Values & Standards

Our Core Values

Our school aims reflect the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, equality and mutual respect for and tolerance of all faiths, race, age, gender and ability. We aim to be a school in which pupils and staff:

  • are challenged to achieve more than they first thought possible
  • take pride in and celebrate achievement
  • are self-confident, tolerant and responsible
  • co-operate with respect for each other
  • are forward thinking and reflective
  • are prepared for change
  • practise equality of opportunity
  • share a commitment to lifelong learning.

Consultation across the community of the school in 2021/22 confirmed our shared values.

Our School Standards

Our school standards are reviewed every three years to ensure they reflect our shared values and the core principles of community in which we all wish to learn and work. They underpin the ethos of our school and the relationships within it. They help us ensure our school is a pleasant and safe place for everyone. They are simple and clearly understood. They set out our expectations of each other, build on common sense and promote courtesy and good manners.

All members of our school community contribute to regular reviews of our school standards through consultation and participation in active groups such as our School Council. Following considerations of the final consultations with staff, members of the Local Governing Body, the Strategic Leadership Team and pupils, the School Standards review group developed the final proposals for the school standards for 2019-2022. In addition, the group have consulted widely on how to embed the standards in the school environment and have produced 8 key recommendations to take forward.


We welcome everyone to our school community.

We respect and cooperate with each other.

We value difference; we celebrate others’ talents and achievements.

We are kind to each other and we prevent bullying in all its forms.

We take pride in our uniform and look after our school.

We apply our best efforts in all we do; we work hard.

We are determined and challenge ourselves to achieve more than we first thought possible.

We grasp all opportunities for learning so we can achieve our best.


Home School Agreement

Parents and pupils are invited to sign our partnership agreement, the Home School Agreement (see below),  which sets out the expectations that should exist between home and school and this forms the basis of our ‘learning triangle’. These expectations are based on our School Standards and reflect our shared values. 

We aim to work collaboratively with all pupils and parents to ensure the best outcomes for an individual. We recognise that at times emotions may run high. However, we do not expect any of our staff to be subjected to unacceptable behaviour and will take action to protect staff from this behaviour, including that which is abusive, offensive or threatening in line with the Home School Agreement that parents have signed. The Home School Agreement states that parents will support the actions of the school, respect and co-operate with the teachers and be polite, using appropriate language.