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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

Uniform & Equipment

deer park uniformOur School Uniform is an important part of being a member of the Deer Park Community (see  Our Standards). It is important that you wear the right clothing and bring the right equipment with you when you come to School. Our uniform is simple and intended to be comfortable but smart, to allow learners to learn and teachers to teach.

Our uniform is available from:

  • D & J Sports - all uniform items, including PE kit, can be bought from the D&J Sports shop at 75 Cricklade Street, Cirencester or from their website;
  • Trutex Direct - all main uniform items (but not PE kit) are available online from Trutex, using school code LEA00613SC.

All personal items should be clearly named with your full name, so that any lost property can be returned to the rightful owner.  If you lose any item in school, please initially retrace your steps, to see if it is still where you left it.  You can then speak to staff on Reception to check if the item has been handed in.  Named items that are found or handed in will be returned to you.

Check each item below. You can read a copy of our Uniform Dos and Don'ts at the bottom of this page.


All pupils are required to wear the Deer Park navy and white striped shirt (separate versions available for boys and girls and with a choice of sleeve length).


All pupils are required to wear the Deer Park navy jumper (separate versions available for boys and girls), except in warmer weather. A cardigan is available as an option for Key Stage 4 pupils only.

Optional Additional Layer

In November 2020 we introduced an optional ‘additional layer’ in the form of a ¼ zip top, which it is intended can be worn over pupils’ existing uniform and will help keep them warm on their way to and from school as well as in our classrooms.

Girls – Skirts and trousers 

All girls are required to wear either a prescribed black skirt or prescribed black trousers, available from D & J Sports or Trutex Direct only.

Boys – Trousers 

All boys are required to wear black school trousers.


All pupils are required to wear flat black school shoes of a sensible design. These should be plain, substantial and hardwearing. Plain black trainers, or plain black canvas lace up shoes, without logos, are acceptable. Sturdier footwear is only acceptable during episodes of extremely poor weather, e.g. snow.


A plain dark coat can be worn as an item of outdoor clothing. These should be worn over school uniform jumpers, but not in place of them. Coats must be removed in classrooms and offices and when seated or eating in the Hall or Atrium. Optional new navy blue and orange ¼ zip top as an additional layer for warmth which can be worn indoors and in classrooms.

For PE 

Pupils are required to wear the Deer Park Sports Polo with either the panelled unisex shorts or panelled skort (for girls). In addition, boys will require the Deer Park reversible rugby shirt. There is optional Deer Park PE leggings, track pants and zip top. All pupils are required to wear trainers with non-marking soles with plain blue or white socks. Rugby / football boots will be required when advised by PE staff.

School Bag 

All pupils will be required to carry books and resources on a daily basis so a sturdy and practical bag, large enough to fit A4 books, is essential. There is no prescribed style or design for school bags. Your bag should contain a fully stocked pencil case, with pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, compass, protractor and calculator.

Jewellery and Hair/Make-up 

The following guidance regarding jewellery and hair/make-up in school is applicable to all pupils and is designed to support learning and prevent distractions:

  • Pupils can wear one gold or silver bracelet. This must be taken off for PE.  Pupils can wear one simple gold or silver chain with a pendant under clothing, which should not be seen. This must be taken off for PE.

  • Earrings must not dangle and should be simple studs or sleepers, with only one to be worn in each ear lobe. No other jewellery should be visible. Any other facial piercing apart from studs or sleepers in ear lobes are unacceptable. ‘Stretcher’ earrings are unacceptable. Nose studs are not allowed.

  • Hair styles and colours must be sensible. Pupils should seek advice from the Pastoral Team if they have any doubt.

  • Nail polish is not allowed, and pupils will be asked to remove it.

  • Subtle make-up appropriate to the school environment is permitted. Pupils should seek advice from the Pastoral Team if they have any doubt.


As you will appreciate, we cannot change our uniform in response to changes in fashion.  If the correct school uniform is not worn, or not worn correctly, pupils and parents will be given a short period of notice to improve. Pupils will often be given a ‘spare’ item by pastoral staff to wear in the short term until a replacement can be purchased. Pupils will be asked to remove items of non-uniform and, in some circumstances, these may be confiscated. Persistent failure to adhere to our simple dress code will lead to serious sanctions.

Personal Possessions
Parents and pupils are reminded that the school’s insurance does not cover pupils’ belongings that may be lost or damaged on site. All personal possessions (including mobile phones, watches, jewellery etc) are brought to school at the pupils’ own risk and pupils are responsible for keeping them safe. We therefore discourage pupils from bringing expensive or precious items into school.

Outgrown Uniform
If you have items of good quality, clean uniform (including PE kit) that are no longer required, then please consider donating the items to The Friends of Deer Park, who arrange sales of second hand uniform. Items should be bagged and marked up clearly FAO Friends of Deer Park and taken to Reception.