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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School


for Year 6 pupils joining Year 7 in September 2020

To prepare our new pupils and alleviate any concerns parents may have, we invited parents and pupils to one of our three VIRTUAL NEW YEAR 7 WELCOME EVENINGS.  These took place online in Microsoft Teams as live events. We shared key information and incorporated some activity for parents and children. 


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Following these initial virtual meetings, our new pupils in Year 7 were given the opportunity to join us for a short induction session on either the morning or afternoon of Monday 13 or Tuesday 14 July 2020. This gave them the opportunity to meet with their tutors and others in their group and re-familiarise themselves with our school site. Read more...

To support their induction and aid their orientation of our school site, we have created two short videos with the assistance of our pupils. These provide a guided tour of the school and plenty of tips and reassurance about being a pupil, life and learning at Deer Park:


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Click here to meet your Year 7 Tutor ...

7 Derby (7DE) Miss Palmer 7 Douglas (7DO) Mrs Gleed
7 Durham (7DU) Mr Schlaefli 7 Fraser (7FR) Miss Cato
7 Jenner (7JE) Mrs Voss 7 Lincoln (7LI) Miss Ellis
7 Nithsdale (7NI) Mrs Lynch 7 Tudor (7TU) Mrs Guy


We appreciate that the transition from primary to secondary school can be a cause of anxiety for both parents and pupils. To help with this we usually have two induction days in July where the Year 6 pupils follow their timetables and get to know the school and their tutor group. We have small class sizes which allow staff to get to know pupils as individuals and in our pastoral teams we have full time pastoral Year Leaders who are available to support pupils whenever necessary.

I would like to thank you all for the fantastic induction we as parents and the new Year 7 pupils have had into Deer Park School. My son is loving every minute, and I feel very pleased to have chosen Deer Park for him.

Year 7 parent 


How do I apply for a place at Cirencester Deer Park School on transition from Primary School to Secondary School? 

To be considered for a place at Deer Park, you must include the school amongst the five school preferences you are entitled to make through completion of your Common Application Form – further information can be found at Preferences should be ranked in priority order. If you are successful in gaining a place at your first preference school, none of your other choices will be considered.

How are places at Cirencester Deer Park School allocated? 

Up to 209 places will be allocated at the School based on our Admissions Criteria which can be accessed on our Admissions Policy.

What if I live outside of your catchment area? 

We know that there are insufficient pupils living within our catchment area to fill the secondary school places we have available. Places will be filled, up to the published admission number of 209, based on geographic proximity to the school, measured as a straight line distance from your home address to Reception at the School.

Will my son/daughter get a place? 

If you submit your preference form by the deadline, live within our catchment area, and put Deer Park as your first choice, you will be allocated a place at the school. If you live outside of the catchment area, we cannot give any guarantees, but in recent years we have been able to offer a place in Year 7 to everyone who wanted one, regardless of where they lived.  Pupils often come to Deer Park from up to 15 miles away from the school.

What happens if I do not put Deer Park as my first preference? 

The Local Authority will always allocate the highest ranked school that they can within your list of preferences. If Deer Park is your preferred school, it should always be listed as your first preference. If you list Deer Park lower in your preferences, and the Local Authority can allocate one of your higher preferences, you will not be offered a place at Deer Park. However, lower ranked schools are always considered as your ‘effective first preference’ if the Local Authority cannot allocate your higher preferences, so you are not prejudiced against in any way for placing a school lower down your preference form.

When will I hear if I have a place at Deer Park? 

You will be advised by the Local Authority which School has been allocated for your son/daughter on National Allocation Day which is Monday 2 March 2020.

What happens if my son/daughter does not get offered a place at Deer Park? 

In the unlikely event that you are unsuccessful in getting a place at Deer Park on National Allocation Day, you will have the opportunity to ask for ‘reconsideration’ through the Local Authority, which may result in a place being allocated immediately.  However, if this is unsuccessful, you will be placed on our waiting list, which is ranked based on geographic proximity to the School. You will also have the opportunity to go through the appeals process. Further information about this would be provided at the time.

What if I want to apply for a school place during the school year (in-year applications)?

Enquiries regarding ‘In Year Admissions’ should be made direct to Allison Boucher, Head’s PA at the School by email or by phone on 01285 646558. You can find further information on

When are your next Open Mornings?

In June we hold Open Mornings specifically for pupils in Year 5. In addition, all prospective pupils and their parents, regardless of year, have the opportunity to look around our school and meet with pupils and teachers at our September Open Mornings and Open Evening. In addition, Allison Boucher, Head’s PA, is happy to arrange mutually convenient tours of the school throughout the year. Find out more about Open Mornings...

If you require further information regarding the admissions process, please email us at or contact Allison Boucher, Head’s PA at the School on 01285 646558, who will be happy to talk you through the process or arrange a tour of the school.


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