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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School


Our experienced Welfare Manager works closely with other members of the Care, Guidance and Support Team to ensure the health and welfare of our pupils in all year groups.

Should pupils feel unwell during the school day, they should, in the first instance, visit the Welfare Office in the Main block behind Reception and not contact their parent or guardian to come and collect them as this may result in an unauthorised absence. If necessary, our Welfare Manager will contact the parent or guardian.

Any pupil who is prescribed an epipen must have a spare one kept in the Welfare Office for emergency use. We also recommend that a spare asthma inhaler is stored in the Welfare Office for pupils requiring one.

A medical consent form needs to be completed for any medication that is to be taken at school (excluding inhalers, epipens and insulin) - you can download the form below.

Please keep our Welfare Manager informed of any medical issues that may affect a pupil while they are at school. You can email or call to talk with a member of the team. 

The School Nurse visits the school weekly on Wednesday lunchtimes, 12.45 – 2.20pm. Check with Reception where the School Nurse will be based. They offer a confidential drop-in service where pupils can chat about all sorts of health worries, friendships, bullying, drugs, relationships, sexual issues. The School Nurse team also arrange and administer vaccinations given to pupils in school - see immunisation information below.