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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

Art and Design

We aim to make lessons ‘fun’, and have designed the modules so that pupils experience a broad range of media, developing skills, knowledge and understanding across all areas of Art and Design through topics that will appeal, and maintain interest involving contemporary and historical and cultural references. This knowledge and skills provides a strong grounding for students to progress onto a Key Stage 4 Art course.

Sketchbooks are used throughout KS3 and KS4. They provide pupils with the ability to ‘personalise’ their work further, taking pride in the presentation of each page. In Year 7 and Year 8 pupils are provided with a sketchbook which they directly work in and also present their work through mounting. The sketch books then become a work of art in their own right. In Year 9 pupils create their own sketchbook and work with a range of techniques to enhance their drawing and making skills.

GCSE pupils choosing the AQA Art and Design course will work in multiple formats from computer aided images to 3D, the sketchbook remains at the heart of what they do, recording their journey from pupil to artist.

Find out about each Key Stage in Art:

KS3 Art 

Year 7
‘Making your Mark’ (drawing and painting based on the natural world) and ‘Printmaking‘ (simple printmaking techniques developed from observational drawings). Pupils also research and gather information about current artists.  The artist's work is used as inspiration for multimedia pieces.  

Year 8
‘Birds and Beasts’ - looking at birds and animals through line, tone and multiple 2D techniques.  The pupils work towards creating their own 3D ceramic sculpture. Pupils also research and gather information about current artists.  The artist’s work is used as inspiration for a multimedia piece.   ‘Changing Faces’ – pupils use drawing and print techniques to produce studies of masks; looking in particular at the Mexican festival ‘Day of the Dead’. 

Year 9
‘Still Life’, pupils make and create their own sketchbook and fill it with drawings and paintings based on still life. This will give pupils the skills and knowledge to tackle the GCSE course in Year 10 and 11. Pupils also research and gather information about current artists.

KS4 Art 

GCSE Art and Design AQA Specification 4201

The AQA course awards a GCSE grade with a weighting of 60% coursework, and 40% ‘controlled test’.

Module 1: ‘Nature in Art’, pupils learn multiple drawing and painting techniques based on the natural world, they will produce large 2D pieces and work towards a final 3D ceramic piece.
Module 2: ‘Man Made’ project based around printmaking and mixed media techniques, pupils respond to the work of artists and designers and find new and imaginative ways of working.
Module 3: Mock exam, pupils choose a topic, and decide the media, imagery and outcome of the project this will be presented over a number of weeks with the final piece created in the classroom.

Controlled test: Pupils choose a topic according to exam paper questions


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