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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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June 2016

Returning to school in June 2016 after the half term break is always good as pupils are particularly energised by Summer - and the start of their new timetables as they move up a year - and the school athletics season is well underway, as well as cricket, rounders and tennis.

There is nothing quite like driving into school from the Stroud entrance and looking across our amazing games fields, whether marked up with the running track in summer or frost in the winter.

Throughout the academic year we run Key Stage 3 Inter Tutor Group Sport Competitions, fostering friendly rivalry between tutor groups in each year! From Rugby and Netball in the Autumn, Football and Hockey in the Spring Term, Tennis and Rounders in the Summer and, of course, Sports Day in July. Even if a tutor group cannot field a full team for one of these competitions, they will gain points for entering a team and turning up on the night; who knows, they may do better than they first think, against all the odds! These events are officiated by staff and our Year 10 Games Captains.

You can follow us now on Twitter @CDPSsport where we post latest news and results that come in to the PE Faculty.

News items on our website:

  1. In March, Sport Relief including tug of war and mile run (Easter Newsletter)
  2. Also in March, Twickenham trip (Easter Newsletter)
  3. In April, Sports Mentors from Sky Sports Living for Sport
  4. In May, Cricket Match report
  5. Also in May, GCSE PE at Bath University
  6. In June, Hockey at Deer Park
  7. Also in June, National School Sport Week
  8. In June, Charity Cricket Match
  9. in July, Athletics at Deer Park
  10. Also In July, Enrichment Week (Football and Watersports)
  11. Sports Day (Summer Newsletter)
  12. In October, Olympian Rower
  13. In November, Sky Sports Living for Sport

 We host many events each term for local Primary schools, organised by Mr Cumming and ably assisted by our Year 9 Young Games Leaders. Gymnastics, Quicksticks, Cross Country, High 5 Netball, Athletics, Football, Multiskills and Indoor Athletics take place at Deer Park for our enthusiastic and talented local children.

2016 has been an amazing year for sports, with Leicester City winning the Premier League, the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, and the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, to name but a few. We are currently running a poll in school in parallel with the BBC Sports Personality of the Year and our choice of Sports Personality of the Year will be announced this week.

On a more personal note, our congratulations to former pupil Jordan Weaving, 2016 National Superstock 600 Champion!

The New Year is traditionally time for resolutions, many of which are fitness related. We advise setting realistic expectations! Don't take out an expensive gym membership if you know in your heart you are unlikely to use it. Instead start with 10 minute workouts or increase the speed at which you walk the dog or exercise four times a week rather than twice. Check the This Girl Can campaign or Get Active Your Way for inspiration and ideas.