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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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A wonderful week of weather for watersport during Enrichment Week 2017.

The Enrichment Week (3-7 July) Watersports option, run by Head of PE, Anne Hacker, is open to Year 9 (new Year 10) pupils, some of whom share their experiences of their week below.

Enrichment Week 2017 Watersports

At Watersports we did canoeing, kayaking, raft building, wind sailing and paddle boarding. The week was enriching and exciting, with the prospect of trying something new every day.  It helped me to build up teamwork skills and confidence. During the week we also embarked on a short expedition on which we had to orienteer and map read.

The entire week was an exciting opportunity that I would recommend to anyone who has never tried these sports before. 


Enrichment Week 2017 Watersports

‚Äč  Enrichment Week 2017 Watersports

In Watersports Enrichment Week 2017 30 pupils went to SCOEC for 3 days and Cotswold Country Park for 2 days.

At SCOEC we did sailing, rafting, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing and windsurfing. My favorite activity was sailing because it was exhilarating. On Wednesday at Cotswold Country Park (aka Keynes Country Park) we did orienteering then had a large picnic. The challenge from the staff was to finish it but we failed!! Then we swam in the lake. On Thursday we went for a walk before once again failing to finish the picnic.

Overall everybody enjoyed the week and we would happily do all the water sport activities again.


Enrichment Week 2017 Watersports

Luke writes: For Enrichment Week I was on the Watersports trip. On day one we were at SCOEC which is the best water sports educational centre with fab activities. I started off canoeing with my friend Bradley which I enjoyed, then after lunch we did sailing. To start there wasn’t that much wind which was a little frustrating, but then it picked up and we really enjoy the speed. It was exhilarating.

On day two I did windsurfing. This was the most  difficult to get the hang off and I ended up in the water a lot! The next activity was stand up paddle boarding which was easy and great fun. We did lots of different activities on the paddle board and learnt to turn quickly by standing at the very back of our board.

The next two days we were at Cotswold Country Park where we did a fun walk in the morning and swam in the afternoon.  We also orienteered around the lake and had a fab picnic made by the teachers.

Back at SCOEC on the last day, which I was happy about as I had missed it, we did kayaking and rafting. They were both really fun. Overall I enjoy the week so much it has encouraged  me to go back to SCOEC in the summer holiday.