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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Testing FAQs

Do you have any questions about the Lateral Flow Device tests?

As part of our plans to re-open school to all pupils in the week beginning Monday 8 March 2021, pupils will take coronavirus (COVID-19) tests as they return to the classroom; this process should help identify asymptomatic individuals, i.e. those who are infectious but do not have any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms.

While this testing remains voluntary, it is strongly recommended and encouraged. Pupils will initially be offered 3 tests, 3 to 5 days apart, in school before being provided with home test kits for regular testing. Staff will be provided with home test kits. More details about home testing will be available closer to the time.

Parents will receive an email which includes a link to a online consent form. Once the consent form has been submitted, parents will be able to book a slot for their child to come up to school for an initial test before returning to the classroom the following day.

When are the in school tests taking place?

  Initial Test 2nd Test 3rd Test
Year 11 Mon 8 March Thu 11 March Tue 16 March
Year 10 Mon 8 March Thu 11 March Tue 16 March
Year 9 Tue 9 March Fri 12 March Wed 17 March
Year 8 Tue 9 March Fri 12 March Wed 17 March
Year 7 Wed 10 March Mon 15 March Thu 18 March

How do we book a test?

Parents are invited to complete the consent form online and book a slot for the initial test via our online booking system (details of both in the parent email). The 2nd and 3rd tests will take place during the school day and booking is not required.

Who does the tests?

Pupils will self administer their tests but will receive instructions and support from our test team of trained adults.

Where will the tests take place?

Any parents driving their children to school for an initial test should park at the back of school and remain in their car. Testing will be in the Main Block of the school and pupils should follow the signs.

How do you do the test?

Each pupil will be guided through the test process in school, so that they can learn to do the tests properly before the home tests system starts. The test is a swab of your throat and nose. See the image below. Whilst the test may be briefly uncomfortable (the nose swab is likely to make your eyes water!), it is quick and easy. Experiences at our school test centre during January/February with our in school pupils show that pupils in all year groups are very capable of doing their own tests.

how to do a LFD test

How long does it take to get the test result?

Test results are usually available 30 minutes after the test and will be shared directly with participating pupils' parents through the NHS national test system - we upload the result and the system sends a text message. We have found through our testing in Term 3 that the system sometimes experiences delays or issues sending the message. If your child was to test positive, we would contact you instantly prior to uploading the result. 

What if the in school test result is positive?

If your test is positive, you and your household will need to immediately self-isolate, following national guidelines for a positive coronavirus test.  

Where do we find out more information?

There's an article on BBC Newsround - Secondary school testing: Everything you need to know - which may help you understand the test process.

When are we returning to school?

Please read the We can return to school! article.

What if I have any other questions?

If your questions are not answered in either the information emailed to parents or in the FAQs above, please email Assistant Head Miss Brace.