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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Results Day 2020

Results Day with a difference, Thursday 20 August 2020

After a period of five months’ absence, it was a delight to welcome so many of our pupils in our Class of 2020 back to the school to collect their centre assessed grades on Thursday 20 August 2020.

Members of the school’s leadership team were present to hand over our pupils’ results and provide reassurance, support and guidance. They were especially grateful to our pupils who, given their eagerness and excitement, did their best to observe social distancing.

This has been a challenging year for everyone and, after a particularly turbulent fortnight following the uncertainty initially created by the release of the ‘exam’ results in Scotland and then the A level results in England, it was a relief to be able to share our centre assessed grades, which we believe to be fair and accurate, and commend our pupils’ on their resilience and resourcefulness. We trust they will take these essential qualities and the independent study skills they have acquired forward into the next phase of their education.

I congratulate our pupils on their achievements and wish them every success in their future learning. I am also extremely grateful to our team of teachers for their tenacity and integrity. They worked tirelessly to ensure our grading reflected individual pupil performance.

Chiquita Henson, Headteacher

Because many of our centre assessed grades were close to those in our pupils’ final Records of Achievement, there were relatively few surprises. While we had to think seriously about how each pupil would have performed in their examinations, we also took account of the evidence we had of their progress and attainment. We carefully scrutinised our pupils’ mock exam results, class work, interim test scores, assessed pieces of work and controlled assessments, where applicable, to assess the depth of their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Pupils who consistently applied themselves in school and in extended tasks throughout Years 10 and 11 have been rewarded for their efforts and many others have shown great improvements over time.  They have responded positively to the inspiration, support and guidance they have received. We hope they will all continue to develop their resilience and resourcefulness and challenge themselves to achieve more than they first think is possible!

results day 2020

‘It was lovely to see the year group again and say our final goodbyes. The pupils’ hard work and dedication has been rewarded.’ Miss Brace


‘Another fantastic day at Deer Park School for GCSE results. Pupils waited in anticipation prior to receiving their results.’  Mr Bellamy


‘Once again the pupils have made us proud with their resilience and levels of positivity; they now have the prospect of moving forward.’ Miss Lillington

results day 2020

‘I was very happy to receive the grades and am looking forward to college life.’ Peter

'Delighted! So much better than I thought they might have been.’ Teagan

results day 2020

‘However much doubt I had in the government’s system, I’m glad they finally let the teachers decide – overall it’s gone really well today.’ Michael

‘I’ve got all the grades I need to be able to progress in my studies. I’m really looking forward to starting my courses.’ Tamsin

results day 2020

When the school closed on Friday 20 March 2020 for lockdown in response to the pandemic, and we learnt the GCSE exams were cancelled, we urged our pupils to stay connected with us and we were pleased with the numbers in our Year 11 who chose to do so. By being early participants in live lessons and revision sessions in MS Teams, they continued to engage in learning and strengthen their independent study skills. This undoubtedly helped our staff adapt to a new virtual learning environment and we thank them for this legacy!

We recognise our Class of 2020 have missed out on some key milestones, but hope to be able to celebrate their achievements and time with us at our annual Celebration of Achievement event in November, either virtually or in person. We are very proud of them and how they have coped in truly unprecedented circumstances.