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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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New Timetables & Attendance

Timetables for last 4 weeks of term

From Monday 22 June 2020, many of our Year 10 pupils will be back in school for face to face learning one day each week and, as a consequence, we have moved to the post 22 June 2020 timetable for Year 9 and Year 10. This enables us to maintain the remote provision and provide the education in school for Year 10.

Please download the updated timetable by year group below (Year 7 and Year 8 timetable remains the same).


Virtual Lessons: If your child is unable to attend a MS Teams meeting, they should email the teacher for that lesson to let them know. Teachers continue to set work in SMHW and pupils should contact their teachers if they are unable to to complete the work.

In School Lessons (Year 10 and Emergency School Provision): As usual, we have to register the numbers of pupils in school each day, so if your child is booked in for a specific day but for some reason cannot be in school, please email or phone 01285 653447 to let us know. It would be helpful for us to know the reason for non attendance, as these currently have to be reported to the DfE daily:

  • Illness, suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19
  • Illness, not suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19
  • Shielding for self or other family member
  • Household isolation
  • Other.

If your child or a member of your family becomes unwell with suspected COVID-19 symptoms, please follow the government guidelines and stay at home.