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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Term 6 Learning

Learning in Term 6 (June/July 2020)

We would 'normally' move the whole school on to the next academic year and to a new timetable after the half term, ie from Tuesday 2 June 2020, but due to the circumstances we find ourselves somewhat constrained. What follows is is our plan for the start of Term 6.

Please be aware that Monday 1 June is an Inset Day and school will be closed to and for all pupils. We return to learning on Tuesday 2 June (Week 2).

Year 7 and Year 8

We have been really impressed with the work that our pupils in Years 7 and 8 have produced as a response to the tasks they have been set by their teachers through Show My Homework. Many teachers have given feedback and we regularly tweet examples of pupils' work on @CDPStoday. Pupils should continue to send their work to their teachers for them to see and comment on.

Recognising that pupils in Years 7 and 8 need some increased contact with staff, in Term 6 we will continue with the programme of Show My Homework lessons but we will start to use Microsoft Teams with them, in the first instance for an hour-long tutor time.

From Tuesday 2 June,

  • ALL Year 7s will have Tutor Time in MS Teams on Wednesdays P6.
  • MOST Year 8s will have Tutor Time in MS Teams on Tuesdays P6, apart from 8DE on Mondays P5 and 8DU on Tuesdays P3.

From Monday 8 June,

we will start introducing live lessons for Year 7 and Year 8 and an updated timetable will be shared closer to the time.

We suggest using time during half term to install Microsoft Teams. MS Teams is available with an Office 365 account, which all our pupils have access to, free of charge, whilst they are at Deer Park. Pupils should log on to RMUnify to download Office 365 and to access Teams. We have found that downloading the Teams app onto a computer or mobile device often works better than using the online version.


Year 9

After half term our Year 9s will start their Key Stage 4 Option subjects, whilst maintaining the stability of their current Core classes (and teachers) in English, Maths, Science and Religious Studies for the duration of Term 6. A letter is being sent home (Friday 22 May) with confirmation of option choices.

Year 10

We had hoped to be able to share our plans for expanding provision for Year 10 with both pupils and parents before half term, but owing to the lack of clear guidance from the government about what they mean by ‘face to face support to supplement remote learning’, we are planning to continue with the provision we are currently offering our pupils in MS Teams for at least the first fortnight in Term 6. Their lessons in Teams will continue as currently scheduled.


Year 11 (Class of 2020)

Our Year 11s have to all intents and purposes now left Deer Park but without the goodbyes we would wish to give them. We have today published a message on our website to all our Year 11s, so please do let your young people know and ask them to read it. As a year group, they are to be commended for their understanding and resilience in these difficult circumstances. You can also find details about practical matters such as Lockers, Leavers' Hoodies, Leavers' Book, Uniform and much more! Read Class of 2020 message...

Year Leaders

After half term, our Year 7 and Year 8 Year Leaders will change as Mrs Hannis (Senior Year Leader) will be busy aiding primary school pupils with their September transition to secondary school. If there are any concerns, parents or pupils should contact their year leaders - details can be found on our Staff page.

  • Year 7: Year Leader Mrs Reynolds
  • Year 8: Senior Year Leader Mrs Burfoot
  • Year 9: Year Leader Miss Ellison
  • Year 10: Senior Year Leader Mrs Stubbs
  • Year 11: contact Mr Bellamy.