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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Year 10 GCSE Science

A message to our Year 10s from the Science Faculty

Most pupils at Deer Park are accessing Show My Homework and completing their work online. If you are completing your Year 10 Science work on Show My Homework, you can ignore the information below.

For those pupils in Year 10 who have been unable to complete the Science work set on Show My Homework, please note:

  • Every pupil in every Science class was issued with a free revision guide/workbook. We cannot replace any lost books, but they are available to purchase on Amazon.
  • Pupils should have EITHER
    Combined Science: Combined Science Trilogy book OR
    Separate Sciences: 3 revision guides/workbooks for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

gcse science combined

gcse science separate biology

gcse science separate chemistry

gcse science separate physics

Any pupils unable to access SMHW should read the relevant Modules in their revision guide/workbook, and answer the questions at the end of each section. BBC Bitesize (AQA and look for the module) will help and we suggest you watch Free Science Lessons on YouTube for every topic (he covers the specification exactly).

The modules covered by each subject (sometimes class) are:

Combined Sciences Modules


The Earth's Atmosphere; The Earth's Resources; moving on to


Wave properties.

10Q2 (Mr David and Mrs George) and 10P3 (Dr Tipping and Mrs George) had also completed Paper 1 with Physics 'Molecules and Matter' and 'Radioactivity'.

10Q3 (Dr Simpson and Mrs Sarna) also completed Paper 1 with Biology 'Photosynthesis' and 'Respiration'.

Separate Sciences Modules:


Mrs Sarna:   
Human nervous system; Genetics and Evolution; Adaptations, Interdependence and Competition.

Mrs Russell:
Biodiversity and Ecosystems; Genetics and Evolution; moving on to Adaptations, Interdependence and Competition.


The Earth's Atmosphere; The Earth's Resources; moving on to Chemical Analysis


Space; Wave Properties; moving on to Electromagnetic  Waves.

If pupils have any queries, they should email their Science teacher.