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Mock GCSEs 2019

Upcoming Year 11 mock exams

Each week we share a 'Thought for the Week' with our pupils and this one from writer C.S. Lewis is particularly apt: "You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending." No matter what has happened so far, you are in charge of what happens next. As we reinforce to our Key Stage 4 pupils, at this stage in their journey there is still time to make a real difference to predicted grades.

Year 11s received their Mock Exam Timetables before half term (see Exams for a generic version). Ideally pupils should be spending a minimum of two hours a day on revision activities, more at weekends, and the notes they prepare now will help them when they revisit topics again in preparation for their actual exams in May/June 2020.

Our Year 11 pupils started their Mock GCSE Exams during week commencing Monday 18 November 2019 with Art and Textiles Practicals and French/Spanish/German Speaking.

The first exam that all pupils will sit is Maths Paper 1 on Tuesday 26 November and the last ones are Music Technology, Religious Studies and Citizenship on Monday 16 December 2019.


This intense four week mock timetable offers our young people an insight into the workload they will have during May and June 2020, whilst offering the opportunity to trial their revision and exam techniques and test out the effectiveness of their revision timetables. Personal development and learning from mistakes whilst doing mocks is very important. These mock exams will give pupils, teachers and parents an idea of whether they are on target to achieve predicted grades. They can show pupils what they need to improve on before the summer exams and for some they are a real wake up call to the fact that in less than 6 months they will be sitting their GCSEs.

Some of our pupils may need to be reminded about focusing on revision for their mocks, whilst others may need a reminder to take time out from revision, whether through exercise, music, or social interaction. There is not a 'one size fits all' approach to revision and our young people need to find the way that works for them, whether creating mind maps, making flash cards, using a group app to share ideas and test each other, or focusing in a quiet space at home.

All Year 11 pupils and parents need to make sure they have taken the time to sit down together and read the exams statutory documents, which have been emailed to all pupils and are also available on our Exams page.

Revision can be seen as ‘re-vision’ – a way of re-viewing, re-seeing, and re-visiting learning, in preparation for an assessment or exam. Exam board OCR have published a useful revision skills guide. Everyone should find it useful - it includes revision tips, revision websites and a revision timetable template.

Subject teachers are the best source of information for pupils wishing to confirm and clarify subject-specific information and the location of helpful resources. The importance of using the resources and notes that they have gathered in their Year 10/11 lessons cannot be overstated. Pupils can access iDeer for past papers and guidance. GCSE Bitesize and GetRevising are useful generic online resources, whilst  Mathswatch and Corbett Maths will help aid maths revision. Other apps that may be useful include Quizlet, Padlet , Gojimo and Evernote.

Pupils will benefit from all the support offered to them at home and having a quiet place to study is of crucial importance to their preparations. Year 11 have the full support of our Pastoral team and we wish them the very best of luck for the next few weeks! Mocks results will be published for the pupils on Friday 10 January 2020.