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Alumni Success

International para archer Phoebe Pine returns to Deer Park

As a school we are very proud of Phoebe Pine. Phoebe was a pupil at Cirencester Deer Park School from September 2009 to June 2014 and having been introduced to archery on a family holiday in 2012, she has achieved considerable success both as a young sportswoman and paralympian. She trains locally with Deer Park Archers (no connection to the school, despite the name!).  

Commendably, Phoebe currently holds one world record, two European records, two world championship medals, two regional titles and two national titles.

We were delighted that Phoebe could join us at our Year 9 Key Stage 3 Celebration of Achievement on Thursday 9 May 2019 as our guest speaker. She is an inspiration. She reflected on the challenges she has had to overcome to be the successful international sportswoman she is now and talked about her journey to Tokyo 2020.

phoebe pine

Phoebe was born with a disability that affects her legs and feet. This is the result of nerve damage and muscle weakness. When she was a very young child her parents were advised that there was a slim chance that she would be able to walk and that she would experience medical problems throughout life.

Phoebe has demonstrated tremendous resilience and believes this to be the key to her success. She explains, ‘I have had a number of obstacles thrown at me  and I have overcome every single one: a hip dysplasia operation, five infections in my right foot, one in the bone, back pain every morning, mobility issues and a feeling of being restricted.’ She has not been deterred by her condition or by any unfortunate name calling.

After attending Watermoor CofE Primary School and Cirencester Deer Park School, Phoebe went to Cirencester College and alongside her sporting career, she is currently studying Sports Studies in areas such as exercise science, psychology, disability sport, sport sociology and sport journalism at the University of Worcester. She aspires to complete a Masters degree too.

Reflecting on her own experience, Phoebe offers sound and sage advice: ‘It is easy to feel that you have loads of time to study, to sit and think about what you want to do but you need to decide and roll with it! Once you have made those decisions, make sure that you focus in class and study in the time you have. Don’t think that the next few years will go slowly, they won’t. Do whatever you can, little by little every day, and you’ll be fine. Most importantly, do what you enjoy and have fun!’


It was a privilege to welcome Phoebe back to Cirencester Deer Park School on Thursday 9 May 2019. She is a remarkable young woman. I know our pupils and their parents valued listening to her story and they will, undoubtedly, be following Phoebe’s pursuit of an Olympic gold medal in Tokyo with great interest.

Chiquita Henson, Headteacher