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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Ghana 2019 Preview

Volunteering trip to Ghana

It is tantalizingly close to takeoff for the Year 10 pupils going on the Ghana 2019 volunteering trip and the excitement (and some level of trepidation) is tangible! Staff, parents and participating pupils have had their penultimate meeting and, after many months of fundraising, the water bottles and insect repellent are being handed out and bags are being packed. In the early hours of Saturday 30 March 2019, we will start our journey by coach to the airport and on, via Istanbul, to Accra, the capital of Ghana. 

After an overnight stay in Accra, we will make our way to Woe, a small town on the south coast,  which will be our residence and workplace for the duration of our stay. Over the following two weeks, and during the Cirencester Deer Park School Easter holidays, our pupils and staff will be making a positive difference: working with the local community, teaching, coaching and carrying out building and maintenance on the school buildings. Their toil will be punctuated by a trip to see the Ghanaian countryside and visit beautiful waterfalls. 

The bare facts of our itinerary with African Adventures, however, do not begin to describe the sheer abundance of new experiences that awaits. It promises to be truly life-changing for all involved.

Having accompanied our first team of volunteers to Woe, I am really envious of this year’s group and I am excited to learn of the progress they make with the projects we started in 2017 and that were continued by Miss Bluett’s and Mrs MacKew’s team in 2018. I wish Miss Lillington, Mr Armshaw and the team a safe journey. I am sure they will all return with a sense of achievement knowing they have made a positive contribution, and great memories.  

Chiquita Henson, Headteacher

Look out for our Ghana 2019 team at the Cirencester Youth Market in the centre of Cirencester on Wednesday 20 March where you can find out more about their upcoming adventure.

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