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Year 9 GCSE Options 2019

Year 9 is a critical year, representing an important transition, when our pupils choose the subjects they wish to study in Key Stage 4.

Each year in January, our Year 9 pupils discover which subjects are available to study at GCSE. We were delighted to see so many of our Year 9 pupils and their parents at our Key Stage 4 Curriculum 'Choices at 14' Evening on Thursday 24 January 2019.

The presentation in the Main Hall included speeches from pupils in Year 10 and Year 11 and a former pupil now at Pate's - they emphasised talking to staff, taking up opportunities offered and starting revision early! There was a real buzz around the centre of the school as pupils and parents talked with subject teachers and representatives from Cirencester College and South Gloucestershire and Stroud College. Some of our Key Stage 4 pupils were also available to answer questions from a pupil point of view.

"A really interesting evening. Very insightful talking to the different subject teachers and some that we didn’t consider before. It has given us lots to think about" Year 9 Parent

"I’m really excited about all the subjects. It’s going to be tough to narrow it down." Year 9 Pupil

"Can you have a 7 day, 10 hour a day timetable so we can take everything?" Year 9 Parent

Our Year 9s and their parents are encouraged to take time to discuss and research the options available. There is no first come, first served basis so there is no need to rush to submit option choices. The online form will go live on iDeer on Thursday 31 January. We advise pupils to find out all they can about the subjects they are interested in and be sure about what they want to study in Key Stage 4. Make informed decisions.

Pupils received their Interim Reports on Friday 25 January and they and their parents will be able to talk directly to current subject teachers at our Year 9 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 7 February. You might decide to wait until after the Parents' Evening before selecting options.

The final deadline for stating subject preferences – by completing the online form on iDeer, printing it, having it signed by parent/carer and returning to the Pastoral Office - is before half term on Tuesday 12 February 2019.

The new GCSE qualifications which have been introduced over the last two years place much more emphasis on final exams and less on coursework. To support pupils in preparation for Key Stage 4, we will continue to assess your child through written assessments and practice exams during the remainder of Year 9, to promote effective revision strategies and to give the pupils exam experience prior to sitting their formal GCSE exams.

Year 9 GCSE Options 2019.jpg
Year 9 Key Stage 4 Options Booklet (removed)


Key Dates:

Wednesday 23 January 2019  -  Year 9 Assembly
Thursday 24 January 2019  -  Key Stage 4 Curriculum Evening  ‘Choices at 14’
Friday 25 January 2019  -  Year 9 Interim Reports issued
Thursday 31 January 2019  -  Online application opens
Thursday 7 February 2019  -  Year 9 Parents’ Evening
Tuesday 12 February 2019  -  Deadline for preference forms
April/May 2019  -  Confirmation of options
Tuesday 4 June 2019  -  Year 10 courses commence