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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Phoenix Gardeners

The Phoenix Gardeners came to school this week to collect their bedding plants which our Key Stage 4 Horticulture pupils have been growing for them.

This local community connection helps Cirencester look amazing as the volunteer Phoenix Gardeners plant over forty tubs with summer bedding, spring bulbs and winter bedding to make the town centre look attractive to visitors and residents. Our bedding plants are in tubs in the Abbey Grounds, Market Place and Castle Street.

phoenix gardeners

We are always pleased to work with Deer Park School - the pupils make an excellent job of growing the plants on. They look really professional. Hopefully their parents and friends will see their handiwork and feel really proud of them. It is great for them to be part of a community service as well as working towards a qualification.


Meg Blumson, Phoenix Gardeners

Phoenix Gardeners are holding a plant sale this Saturday, 21 May outside the Parish Church in Cirencester Market Place, 10am-12.30pm. The plant sale is to raise funds to support their activities and there will be a wide variety of plants, shrubs and vegetables for sale.

I am really pleased that we are able to work with the Phoenix Gardeners to help grow the flowers for the town this year.  Every time our pupils walk through town or the Abbey Grounds, they will know they have had a part to play.

Chris Germaine, Horticulture Teacher

I have enjoyed growing the plants. They will look lovely in the summer. We have learnt how to pot them on and look after them. We are now making hanging baskets with the plants we have grown.

Josh, Year 10 Horticulture pupil


Deer Park Horticulture pupils are currently preparing hanging baskets for sale. We have two types of basket (moss-lined and rattan) in two sizes (12” and 14”),  which can be ordered through school by emailing Mr Germaine. A 12” basket costs £10 and a 14” basket £12. Brighten up your home with something made locally!