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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Summer Homework

Taking time to relax whilst keeping your brain active

The long summer holidays are a chance to live in the moment, to be creative and have fun with friends and family. They are also a chance to relax and a great opportunity to read!

Research shows that those who read widely and regularly achieve better outcomes and so we encourage everyone to read for a minimum of 20 minutes a day and ask you to encourage those around you to do so too.  Summer is the perfect time to read – for both adults and young people - and our English Faculty have set a reading homework task for pupils in (new) Years 8, 9 and 10 to complete during the Summer holiday; (new) Year 11 pupils have specific English homework too. See below.

It is important to keep your brain active, even over the holiday. We recognise that the very best thing that your child can do to retain and build upon their understanding is to spend regular time at home recapping topics that have previously been covered at school.

All pupils have Maths homework to do over the holiday and our new Year 7s who will be joining us in September already have their MyMaths passwords and tasks. Using MathsWatch or CorbettMaths would be good preparation for our return to school in September.

Science can be recapped in small quantities and we recommend that Key Stage 4 pupils in particular make the most of the opportunity and time that the long holiday offers by using their books, revision guide and online resources such using Kerboodle or BBC Bitesize. We encourage our GCSE pupils to make revision notes to ease their burden; Separate Science pupils will have 49 modules to revise, Combined will have 43.

Year 11 GCSE History and GCSE Geography pupils have a revision booklet to complete, reflecting on the first year of their GCSE. 

GCSE Religious Studies pupils, whether Year 11 full course or Year 10 short course, should start producing revision resources for their mock examinations in the Autumn Term. Revision materials plus guidance can be found on iDeer (One Stop Revision Shop).

New Year 10 GCSE Citizenship Studies have been asked to keep a weekly diary of key events in the news over the summer.

Other individual faculties may have set specific tasks for our pupils to complete before returning to school in September. All parents should be able to log in to their own Show My Homework account, where they will be able to view their child(ren)'s homework.


GCSE ENGLISH for Year 11


Read at least one book from the lists below.

Write a review of this book – use ideas from the plan provided.

Do share pieces of descriptive narrative that you read with your children or items you think will interest them. Happy Summer reading!