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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Performing Arts Project

Creative activities across different disciplines

The Enrichment Week 2018 Performing Arts Project aimed to give pupils in (new) Year 9 opportunities to experience a range of creative activities across different disciplines. Pupils spent the early part of the week making instruments, masks and costumes. They then began to bring all of these elements together in to a performance piece that included drama, music and dance. Each group performed and shared their work with each other. All pupils involved were a credit to themselves and the school, they were engaged with the challenges of the project and we had a lot of fun!

Here is a summary of the week, created by the pupils.


On Monday we made costumes for our performances and also made didgeridoos. We had a digeridoo competition to see who could play the longest note. Morgan and Phoebe couldn’t make any sound to start. Many people were bad at blowing the right sound in the didgeridoo. However, some people were amazing at it.

We made very colourful shirts, full of rainbows and stars. Some of them went well and others not so much. A lot of the shirts looked good on the front, however on the back not so much.

Our performance went well, and we got good feedback from everyone.

enrichment week 2018 performing arts

enrichment week 2018 performing arts


The day started with didgeridoo painting and decorating with luminous paint. We also made other instruments including maracas and percussion instruments. After that, we made papier-mâché masks. Hazel said “We really got in to it, even though it was a little sticky!!” 

Next we made some props and costumes for our final piece. We used all our resources from the costume room. Some people were really creative, for example, one group made a dining room table, complete with lights, sparkles and paint. “It looked amazing when it was finished” said Alyssa.

Finally, we played a few drama and music games to end the day.

enrichment week 2018 performing arts

enrichment week 2018 performing arts


The focus of Wednesday was to create a soundscape to go with our drama performances as well as finish off any of our creative projects. We were not sure what soundscapes were, but we found out from the teachers that they were like a sound collage for our drama work. We spent a lot of time creating underscore music and sound effects to go with our drama pieces. This made it sound really good and when we started putting this with our drama performances. We were really pleased with how it all fitted together.

enrichment week 2018 performing arts


Thursday and Friday

On Thursday everyone rehearsed for Friday's performance. There were a range of different performances that each group had created, there was a great range of different ideas. One group did a Fortnite a videogame, another a scary performances, also a group did a secret garden theme and finally there was a story of a girl wanting to pursue her dreams of being a famous singer. We continued with our soundscapes and started rehearsing with the music we created.

On Friday we did our performances in front of all the other groups and then to end the day off we took part in some alternative sports, including the egg and spoon race and dress up race!

enrichment week 2018 performing arts

‚Äč  enrichment week 2018 performing arts

"It was an excellent week. All of the staff were really impressed with the hard work and engagement that our pupils demonstrated. The quality of the instruments, costumes and sets showed the resilience of our pupils in creating  excellent resources for their performances."

Mr Cook, Assistant Head of Expressive Arts