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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Key Stage 4 Learning

Learning Conferences for Year 10 and Year 11 pupils and parents

If you are the parent of a child in Year 10 or Year 11, please put Wednesday 19 September 2018 in your diary! We will be holding two separate Learning Conferences for our Year 10 and Year 11 pupils during the day, with a joint conference for Year 10/11 parents in the evening.

We are delighted to announce that we will have the energetic Tim Benton, author of The Brain Box, with us for all three Learning Conferences. In 2017 Tim came to Deer Park as part of our Mental Health and Wellbeing Standstill Day for Year 11 pupils and he shared a number of learning techniques. One of the participants commented: "Tim with the revision chat really changed my perspective on revising; it has made me realise that I need to do so much more work because it will pay off and get the grades I want as it will help me so much in the future. I only have a couple of months but I am determined to get there."

The Brain Box explains how an essay is like a sandwich, why the majority of people will say carrot when asked to name a vegetable, and red when asked to name a colour. You can discover great tips and tricks to master revision skills, revision strategies, study skills and time management. Intelligence is a factor, but mostly it comes down to how well you work. Those who work hard or smart tend to do better. The book is a personal journal for each student to be their best at school - boost grades, improve motivation, memory, learning and understanding, exam techniques.

brain box tim benton

Tim is an experienced educator and has a great understanding of the teenage brain alongside all that teenagers need to deal with when approaching their GCSE exams.  He is a dynamic and energetic speaker and has the ability to effectively convey key strategies that our pupils can utilise to help them achieve their very best.  He also understands how parents can help in the whole process. The conferences during the day and in the evening will be fun and packed with information for parents and pupils alike.

Mrs Lang, Head of School

More information will come home with pupils closer to the time, but, for now, please make a note of the date and we look forward to seeing you in September.