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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Ghana 2018

Volunteer trip to Ghana.

african adventuresOur Year 10 Ghana 2018 team are now in the final stage of preparations for their volunteer trip to Ghana with African Adventures in July. They are meeting fortnightly to prepare for their roles as Teaching Assistants and Community Builders and recently met with former staff member Mr Perkins and Year 11 pupil Jessica who both went on the Ghana 2017 trip. The Ghana 2018 pupils received excellent advice and top tips on what to expect from their trip and they were able to ask questions about the experience.

I fondly remember travelling to Ghana with our first team of pupil volunteers in April 2017. It was an amazing and rewarding experience. The preparation we did beforehand was invaluable and the pupils gained a tremendous amount from working collaboratively to raise funds in support of their work. I have made two souvenir quilts from the fabrics I purchased in Ghana and I plan to make one more with the remaining material for the current volunteer team’s fundraising promises auction!

Chiquita Henson, Headteacher

Pupils and their parents met together recently to complete visa applications, discuss the kit list  and review the healthcare advice from African Adventures. Our volunteers are required to have a Yellow Fever injection as well as take Malaria tablets before they travel and we have obviously discussed the importance of keeping hydrated to stay well and make the most of the trip.

In addition to individual fundraising, our pupils are working together on some team fundraising events:

  1. Online Promises Auction
    A wide variety of items available, from free range duck and hens eggs, a week of homework done by a member of staff, firewood, a weekend in Bath, and much more! 
    Go to the Promises Auction...
  2. Sponsored Overnight Cycle
    Taking place on Friday 4 May at school, our pupils will be riding through the night on static bikes, hoping to cover at least 534km - the equivalent of the Ghana coastline.
  3. Ping Pong Ball Race
    The date is yet to be confirmed as we have a number of ping pong balls still to sell. Each numbered ball costs £1 and the owner of the winning ball number will receive £100. Balls can be bought from Miss Bluett or Mrs Mackew at school.

"I'm really excited for this great opportunity. It will be my first time out of Europe and I can't wait. So far I've done some car boots, Christmas wrapping and babysitting to raise funds for my trip." Sarah

"I am looking forward to finding out what our building project will be. I've been raising money for my trip by selling things." Joshua

"I'm looking forward to working with the children in Ghana the most and making new friends. So far I've asked friends for sponsorship and am looking forward to the sponsored overnight cycle at school, even if I get the early shift!" Keira

We are collecting donations of items - e.g. clothes, books, stationary and toys - which we will take with us to Ghana and will donate to the schools and local community. Please contact trip leader Miss Bluett if you have items you would like to donate.