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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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The Play That Goes Wrong

On Wednesday 22 March, 32 Key Stage 4 GCSE Drama pupils celebrated the end of term with an after school trip to London to see the 'The Play That Goes Wrong’. This entertaining comedy, performed at The Duchess Theatre, is based on a 1920s murder mystery, and, as suggested in the title, everything that can go wrong... most definitely does! With staging breaking, actors missing cues, and props going missing, our pupils were in hysterics wondering whether what was happening on stage was planned or genuinely going wrong!

It was especially thrilling for a number of the Year 11 pupils to see the performance as they had performed their own comical pieces for examination in early March. One group of girls in particular researched 'The Play That Goes Wrong', and used it as a starting point for ideas back in January.

It was really funny! When the lady collapsed, I couldn’t tell whether she was meant to have been knocked out or if it was an accident! It really exceeded my expectations. 

Remony, Year 11

The excited atmosphere on the coach journey home saw pupils and teachers discussing who their favourite character was and the best scene, with plenty of the Year 10s talking about how they could use ideas from the show in their practical performances next year!

'The Play That Goes Wrong' lived up to my expectations. It brought me to tears with laughter." 

Finley, Year 10

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