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Design Faculty in Focus

Our Design Faculty in Focus theme this year is Inspiration. To be inspired by something or someone. To be inspired by nature, biomimicry or a famous designer, such as Thomas Heatherwick.    

During week commencing 6 November, all tutor groups were challenged to a Biomimicry Design Quiz. The Biomimicry Institute defines biomimicry as 'an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies'. Congratulations to winners 8Li, Mrs Charleston’s tutor group. Close second were 8Do and 11Li.

Biomimicry is to use and be inspired by nature. Looking at the problems we have and seeing how nature deals with similar issues. Using nature to be innovative in developing new products, from Velcro to the nose cone on a bullet train. Using nature as a source of inspiration, we must look at sustainability and how we need to look after our planet for the next generations. 

Find out more about biomimicry below:





We have launched a Year 8 STEM Club based around the Bloodhound SSC 'Race for Line' project. This challenge encourages pupils to work together to make a foam rocket car powered by a small solid fuel rocket motor, and pit it against rival teams. The aim is to develop an understanding of vehicles and aerodynamics.  The pupils will be making and testing their models.  Data will be collected using the BBC micro:bit, as to how fast the cars are.

Mrs Evans, Head of Design, talked in the Year 9 Assembly about the Design options that will be available to them when they make their GCSE option choices in January. Four of our Year 10 DEC pupils gave a presentation about Design, Engineer, Construct.

The option choices for Design post 14 are:

  • Art
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • Design Engineer Construct (DEC)
  • Design Technology
  • Textiles.

Year 10 have been introduced to an exceptional designer, Thomas Heatherwick. He has been involved with some amazing projects, including the Rolling Bridge and the redesigned Routemaster bus in London, and the Learning Hub in Singapore. He was the designer of the inspirational London Garden Bridge, a project which unfortunately had been wound up in 2017 due to costs.

On Monday 6 November our Year 10 DEC pupils had the great opportunity at looking around our onsite new build and the new classrooms that are under construction. We will be going back just before the Christmas break to see how the internal walls have been fitted. This opportunity to see a build firsthand is an invaluable experience for our pupils as it feeds into their Level 2 work and gives them a greater understanding of construction. 

New build November 2017

New build November 2017

New build November 2017

New build November 2017

Pupils at Deer Park have access to a wide variety of Design subjects and competitions.

rotary young chef logoOn Tuesday 7 November four brilliant Year 10 GCSE Food and Nutrition pupils competed in the Rotary Young Chef competition. They had to produce a three course meal in a set time. The overall winner was Grace (10Fr) and she goes through to the next stage early in 2018. Read more...

In Year 11 we introduce our pupils to the Arkwright Scholarship. arkwright scholarshipPupils are invited to apply if they are interested in  becoming an engineer. If accepted on the scheme, they will be given a mentor and funding through their A Level or equivalent qualification studies. Find out about Arkwright Scholarship. What is the future of Engineering?

We are currently running two competitions in school for pupils. There is more information on both competitions on iDeer.

  • Logo Design: Pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 can use their imagination and creativity to produce a logo design for the ‘Cirencester Big Picnic'. 
  • Textile Wall Hanging: All pupils and staff across the school are invited to contribute Deer Park ideas for a Textile Wall Hanging which will be created for our new Reception area. 

We are very proud of the coursework that the pupils have produced across all Design Faculty disciplines this year. They have used their imagination and creativity to work in a variety of materials to produce innovative products. The DEC results were amazing, as were Food and Textiles.