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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Raising money to get books for children into hospitals.

readathon logoOur first Readathon this year took place on World Book Day, Thursday 2 March, with 30 Year 7s reading all day, followed by Readathon pupils in Years 8-10 on Friday 3 March. In total, 52 pupils took part over the two days of our sponsored Readathons, raising money for the charity to provide brand new books and storyteller visits for children in hospitals around the UK. 

On each day pupils came to The PLC (library) straight after registration to begin their day of reading. Making themselves comfortable on chairs or beanbags, participants settled down to read. After an hour or so pupils were offered hot chocolate, and asked the all-important questions: would you like cream and marshmallows with that? And a biscuit? After the short interlude, they carried on with the all-important business of the day: reading. It was interesting to see the different genres of books being read and it was a pleasure to see so many pupils concentrating and enjoying their reading. At break they were encouraged to get some fresh air, followed by more reading until lunchtime, and even more after the break. In total, 6 hours of reading were completed by each pupil, with a second helping of hot chocolate, marshmallows, cream and biscuits before the end of the school day. As one pupil cried "How can it be Period 6 already? The day has gone so quickly - it’s been a fab day!"

We have raised over £1,500 for Readathon. Deer Park will receive book vouchers worth 20% of total sponsorship money raised.

We always encourage our pupils to read for pleasure and having the opportunity to switch off from the normal school day and really immerse themselves in reading an enjoyable book (or two), and at the same time be helping those less fortunate than ourselves, was an experience that many of our staff were envious of. Well done everyone and thank you!

There are more photographs on Twitter.

Readathon March 2017

 "I really enjoyed the Readathon.  I found the reading very relaxing and it has inspired me to do the same at home. I loved the book I read, it was so tense. I loved being able to read all at once so the story flowed instead of reading in little chunks making me confused. I would recommend the Readathon to you as it has changed my life.  Do you think you will enjoy a Readathon?  Why don’t you try next year." Jasmine (Year 7)

Readathon March 2017

"Readathon is such an amazing experience, you can zone out and just explore the worlds the characters in the book live in everyday!  No matter how sad, happy or fun, Readathon places a smile on everyone's face.  When you are reading you don’t feel like you are just turning pages, you feel immersed in a brilliant world just beyond your reach."  Peter (Year 7) 

Readathon March 2017

"Readathon was an amazing experience.  It finally gave me time to read my book Ashes.  The best part was that it was with my friends." Katie (Year 7)

"I really enjoyed this year’s Readathon. It was so fun because to read all day was a privilege.  When you looked up all you could see was people having a good time just reading.  The hot chocolate and the biscuits were really nice. I am glad that I did the Readathon and donated money to charity."  Elodie (Year 7)

Readathon March 2017

"I really enjoyed doing the Readathon as it was a calm and pleasurable way of raising money to help people who are less fortunate than us. I am very glad I took part and will definitely try and take part next year." Mia (Year 9)

readathon march 2017

"It was great I enjoyed reading all day. We had hot chocolate and biscuits that kept us going all day. I read the rest of Gods and Warriors, Bodyguard Hostage and Bodyguard Target." Sam (Year 9)

Readathon March 2017

"I really enjoyed Readathon as it was fun reading all day and we were served delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows and a selection of biscuits! I met new people. I would love to do it next year too!" Thomas (Year 7)