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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Slapstick Comedy

During January a group of our Year 7 pupils took part in an extra curricular slapstick comedy course, run by experienced performer, director and teacher Cheryl Parmenter.

Over three weeks these 18 keen pupils learned classic comedy techniques, such as the double take and the response. They covered the development of face expressions and physical communication, as well as timing and audience engagement. The slapstick course culminated in the performance of a set routine involving all of the learned techniques and props.

I learned different things about how to use comedy. You could see the comedy happening whilst doing it. It was really fun.



year 7 slapstick comedy january 2017

year 7 slapstick comedy

I liked finding out how to do comedy routines without hurting people. The face expressions and the big screams were fun too. It will help with control in normal Drama lessons.


The pupils came together from different tutor groups. This type of inclusive activity means that pupils make new links with people they may not have worked with before. The sessions required high energy but also control and commitment to the three week course. The character, movement and expression skills will all complement their current Drama curriculum.

The Year 7 Slapstick comedy course is designed to develop the general  performance skills of the pupils, along with coordination and control. It will also introduce a new physical genre, as well as the opportunity of working with a local professional practitioner. A group will be performing an original routine in our forthcoming MaDD evening on Thursday 4 May.