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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Geographers in Bristol

All pupils taking GCSE Geography  from 2016 are required to carry out geography fieldwork on at least two occasions in contrasting environments. Our Year 10 Geographers will have the opportunity to develop their awareness of real life Geography by visiting an urban and coastal environment as part of the OCR B Geography GCSE course.

Two groups of Deer Park Year 10 Geographers visited the city of Bristol on Tuesday 18 and Thursday 20 October as part of the work on the UK in the 21st Century. Bristol is the eighth largest urban area in the UK and in 2015 was named the European Green Capital.
Visiting the city allowed pupils to develop essential fieldwork skills following a clear structure of enquiry; setting a hypothesis/question, collecting data, presenting data, analysing results, reaching conclusions and finally evaluating the success of the fieldwork. During the day in Bristol the pupils had a busy schedule carrying out a range of primary data collection techniques including decibel readings, pedestrian flows, land use maps, fieldsketching, questionnaires and Environmental Quality Surveys. The work was carried out in two areas of the city – Park Street and Broadmead – in order to allow for comparisons to be made or contrasts identified.

Year 10 geographers in Bristol, October 2016


"I had a fantastic time and I am looking forward to doing fieldwork again. I felt that I learnt a lot of new techniques about how to collect data." Jasper

"Being my first time in Bristol I noticed that it was a thriving city in terms of population and businesses. It was interesting to see how it compares to Cirencester." Charlie

Practising these fieldwork skills is of great importance to the pupils as they will need to reflect on the techniques during two of the three geography exams. 

It is a really valuable experience for pupils to visit a large urban area and to find out more about life in modern Britain by actually going to an area.

Miss Lillington, Head of Humanities

In 2017 the Year 10 pupils will carry out more fieldwork, but with a focus on coastal processes and rural locations.