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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Talent Show 2016

Preparations are well underway for the Cirencester Deer Park School Talent Show 2016. This wonderful biennial event supports and donates money to the very worthwhile charity Children in Need.

cirencester deer park school talent show 2016

We started promoting Deer Park Talent Show 2016 before the summer holidays, asking pupils to start thinking about what talents they might have that could be showcased on our main stage. A formal launch of the event in assemblies earlier this term, as part of our Faculty in Focus programme, asked pupils the question What talent do you have? We have had over 40 applications and look forward to seeing them all.

One of the wonderful things about the Talent Show is that pupils take ownership over their participation and are responsible for rehearsing and co-ordinating their act. Every time we put on this event I am impressed with both the variety and the quality of the acts.

The Expressive Arts faculty is buzzing with acts rehearsing during lunchtimes and after school each day. As you walk around the building there are both musical and dance acts working hard and honing their performances.

Rosa and Rose will be performing a musical duet and said: ‘We have been practising already and have been squeezing in rehearsals between our homework and sporting commitments. We are really exciting about taking part and our rehearsals are going really well.’

Half term is an ideal time for some quality practice time, whether acts are solo or in conjuction with others.

Alex, Winner Talent Show 2014
The winner of Talent Show 2014:
Alex Ololade

Two of our Year 7 pupils will be utilising their Flute and Ukulele skills to perform a duet. Alex said: ‘I am performing with someone from my tutor group. The rehearsals are going really well, that was until I injured my fingers playing Netball... I am sure they will heal soon and won’t hamper our practising too much!’

Talent Show 2014
Some of the acts from our Talent Show 2014

Once we are back to school after half term, each act will perform to a member of the Expressive Arts team, so that we can support pupils where they need it, praise their hard work and check they are on track with their rehearsals.

All participants need to be available for the technical run through on Sunday 13 November and will be allocated a rehearsal slot at some time during this day.

The Talent Show consists of two Heats - on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 November - with successful acts going through to the big Final Night on Friday 18 November.

Sam, in Key Stage 4, is in a band performing his own composition and said: ‘I haven’t got a title or any lyrics for my song yet. I am working in a project called Audio Base where we learn about writing songs. I am going to be working on lyrics in the next session. The band and I have been rehearsing the music - we have Drums, Bass Guitar, Guitar and I am going to sing.’

Meg, who is preparing a dance act for the Talent Show, said: ‘I’ve been dancing since I was 2 years old and I have performed in several competitions. I am working on a modern dance solo. I have been practising twice a week and it is going really well.’

On each performance evening there will be an independent judging panel made up of a previous winner and friends of the school. They will have the unenviable and very difficult task of deciding who to put through to the Final Night. On the Final Night they will also have to pick the winning act and commendable performances.


children in need

We hope you can come and support what promises to be an excellent entertaining evening event, whether for the heats and/or the final. Ticket details will follow after half term.

Dan Cook
Expressive Arts