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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Spanish Exchange 2024

Bienvenido a Cirencester

colegio argantonioOn Thursday 11 April 2024, we welcomed staff and students from Colegio Argantonio in Cadíz to Cirencester Deer Park School for the return leg of the Spanish Exchange. They had a slightly strange arrival with a lot of fanfare, due to the Year 8 Parents' Evening happening at the same time. Our Year 10 GCSE Spanish pupils had travelled to Spain in September, so it was a friendly and familiar re-acquaintance for all the young people involved. 

On Friday, their first full day in England, the Spanish students were up and ready to sample British school life, meeting in front of the Languages building for the first morning debrief. After a day at school, they were excited to get out and see what Gloucestershire has to offer. A trip to Gloucester Cathedral for all students involved taking lots of photos and our Spanish visitors getting to grips with the pronunciation of Gloucester (Gl-ow-thes-ter). Next, we went to the hotly-anticipated laser tag, watching in the waiting room on the off-game with real interest. After a couple of games and a lot of fun, we walked to Gloucester Docks for pizza - and a mountain of food was consumed by one and all.

During the weekend, the Spanish students had a range of different experiences and places with their host families, including a group trip to AirHop; some had the opportunity to see Giffords Circus.

Monday was another day at school, with the Spanish students heading out for a fish and chip lunch (how very British!) before returning to school where everyone was introduced to the game of Welsh baseball in the Sports Hall. On Tuesday, the Spanish contingent were dropped at Kemble Station to travel up to London for the day. They brought the Spanish ‘felicidad’ and showcased some of their dancing skills at many of London’s big attractions. A late evening pick up at Kemble gave everyone the chance to catch up on their big adventure. Wednesday was back at school again, before the Spanish group headed out for the gymkana (scavenger hunt) around Cirencester, before returning to school for scones and football in the evening. Thursday brought a day in Oxford, visiting Christchurch and other big local attractions, before the final farewell party where parents and students of both schools could reminisce about their full experience and say final farewells.

spanish exchange

spanish exchange

spanish exchange

spanish exchange

A fantastic exchange was had by all and we would like to extend our thanks to Colegio Argantonio and their staff for their hard work in arranging the trip. This opportunity for young people to forge European friendships, make lasting memories and immerse themselves in another language and culture is so rewarding and we look forward to many more years' connection with Colegio Argantonio!

Mr Scarrott, Languages Teacher

Reflections from some of our pupils about their time in Spain on the first stage of the exchange last year:

'If you are thinking of doing the Spanish Exchange but aren't sure, just do it! I really enjoyed going to Spain. I was able to experience using Spanish in everyday life and go to the beach almost every day. Surfing was such fun and I definitely miss the heat. If I had the opportunity, I would go again.' Coco

'I had a lot of fun on the exchange, made new friends and practised Spanish. There were a lot of activities organised by both schools and I would have to recommend it to anyone thinking about going.' Arthur

'I had a fun time and the family were really nice. We went to the beach a lot and were able to practise our Spanish.' Isabelle

'Cadiz had a lot to explore and the ambience of it all was very relaxing. My exchange's family were very nice and hospitable.' Piero

'It was scary at first when we went to Spain, however, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had! Everyone was so nice and friendly and we all got on.' Molly

'I really enjoyed spending time with my exchange and being able to practise Spanish. I loved going to the beach every day and doing different activities, such as surfing and trying traditional Spanish food. I would definitely recommend doing the exchange.' Heidi

spanish exchange