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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Author Workshop

Key Stage 3 pupils take part in an Author talk/workshop

On Monday 18 March 2024, English Teacher Miss Flint took a number of Key Stage 3 pupils to Cirencester Library for a workshop with Chris Vick, author of ‘Girl. Boy. Sea’, ‘Kook’ and other books with the sea, nature and conservation at their heart.

Our pupils listened to Chris talk about how he gets his inspiration for his writing and the process he uses to plan his stories. All listened intently and sat in anticipation for their chance to plan and start their own pieces of writing.

Chris guided pupils through the planning stage and got them thinking about what their inspiration could be, from places to TV shows or films. He was keen to hear and build on ideas - more and more hands went up as the session progressed and pupils became more inspired and confident. It was great to see pupils interact with Chris and put in 100% effort, whether that was answering or asking him questions, volunteering to assist him or requesting some direction with their writing.

By the end of the workshop, all our pupils had a plan for their own creative piece of writing and had started writing their introductions.

Our pupils were incredibly well-behaved in both the session and the walk to and from the library, - the latter was full of conversation about what they had learnt and heard, as well as how inspiring they found it to work with a published author. All our young people represented Deer Park brilliantly and we were very grateful to return with two signed books for the school library, the PLC.

"As a school we would like to thank Chris Vick and Cirencester Library for inviting us to this workshop. Pupils and staff alike found it captivating and informative and would be interested in working with Chris in the future if the opportunity arose." Miss Flint

ks3 author workshop chris vick

“The session was really fun and it was interesting to learn about what writing is actually about. Chris helped me with my confidence in my own writing and opened up new possibilities.” Ellie (Year 7)

“I learned how to plan to write a book and was inspired on how to start my own writing. Thank you, Chris and Miss Flint, for the opportunity.” Ben (Year 9)

ks3 author workshop chris vicks

ks3 author workshop chris vick

ks3 author workshop

“Chris has inspired me with my writing.” Charlie (Year 8)

Chris Vicks's books include:

Chris Vick girl boy sea

Chris Vick kook

Chris Vick the last whale