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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Year 11 Revision Support

Supporting our Year 11s with revision resources

The first written GCSE exam for our Year 11 pupils takes place on Thursday 9 May 2024. We are keen to make sure that our Year 11 pupils can easily access all the support they need and know where to find resources which their subject teachers are recommending. 

We offer a number of revision top-up and drop-in sessions for our Year 11 pupils, as well as pointing pupils in the direction of additional paper-based and online resources. Pupils should take advantage of the resources shared with them on RM Unify and Show My Homework. 

We recommend that pupils make the most of their time by attending any extra sessions being offered by subject teachers; these present the perfect opportunity for pupils to ask about any areas they feel less confident about. 

Please note: these listings were updated on 28 February 2024 but may be subject to change. Pupils should double-check with their teachers.


SUBJECT What? Who? When?
English 6 week series of English Language and Literature sessions Invited pupils who did not reach target grade in mock exam Wednesday 3.25–4.25pm; Thursday 3.25-4.25pm
  Literature Lectures All pupils Wednesday  3.25-4.25pm
Maths Top-up sessions All pupils Tuesdays 3.25-4.25pm
Science Lunchtime surgeries All pupils Lunchtimes
Languages Sessions run by the teacher of each class on different days All pupils Speak to your Languages teacher
Documentary Revision Club All pupils Thursday 3.30-4.30pm
  Revision drop-in session All pupils Wednesday 3.30-4.30pm
  Revision Lectures All pupils 4 consecutive Thursdays from 11 April 3.30-4.30pm
Drop-in support sessions     All pupils     Wednesday 3.30-4.00pm
Expressive Arts: Music Music coursework All pupils Tuesday after school;
Wednesday after school
  Music theory All pupils Friday after school
Expressive Arts: Music Technology Music Technology Targeted pupils Wednesday after school
Expressive Arts: Drama Practice Rehearsals Pupils who book Tuesday/Wednesday after school
  One-to-one Intervention   Thursday after school
Coursework sessions All pupils, targeted if behind with coursework Thursday after school
Coursework sessions All pupils, targeted if behind with coursework Tuesday/Thursday after school; Wednesday one-to-one for targeted pupils
Sessions run as needed     Targeted pupils who are behind     As needed
Art Coursework sessions All pupils, targeted if behind with coursework Tuesday after school



See downloadable document below.



SUBJECT Free Resources Available to purchase via MyChildAtSchool under ‘Products’
English   CGP Literature guides - £3.50 each:
Power and Conflict Poetry
Lord of the Flies
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Macbeth study guide
Macbeth – whole play with annotations
Maths   CGP Revision Guide £2.85
Workbook £2.85
Answer booklet (for workbook) £1.00
Exam Practice workbook (includes answers) £2.85
All resources are available for both Foundation and Higher; pupils should check with their teacher if unsure which to purchase.
Science Pupils should use the Science revision guide/workbook they have been given.     
Languages   CGP Study Guides available to purchase
Humanities: History Pupils are issued with a teacher produced revision guide for each module and a revision workbook.
Revision website available via RM Unify.
Humanities: Geography Pupils will be provided with a case study information booklet free of charge.
Revision website available via RM Unify.
Hodder Geography Revision Guide £5.50.
Expressive Arts:
Music Tech
Resources available on the Expressive Arts website via RM Unify.  
Design   CGP GCSE AQA Design & Technology Revision Guides £3.15 from school or £6.15 from Amazon.
CGP GCSE Design & Technology AQA Exam Practice Workbook.
CGP GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition Revision Guide £5.65 from Amazon.
RP Pupils will be issued with teacher produced revision guides for each of the Components.     
Computer Science Pupils will have access to Smart Revise (revision tool), along with a range of programming activities on Snakify
Inhouse revision material and workbooks will be issued during lessons.

CGP GCSE OCR Computer Science Revision Guides £2.50

PE   CGP Study Guides/Workbooks/Flashcards at the start of Year 10 and Year 11