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Year 9 Options 2024

Key Stage 4 subjects for Year 9

Year 9 is a pivotal year as pupils choose the optional subjects they would like to study in Key Stage 4 when they move into Year 10 at the start of June 2024. When considering the choices available, it is important to make informed decisions.

All pupils will study GCSE English Language, GCSE English Literature, GCSE Mathematics, Science (GCSE Combined Science or GCSE Separate Sciences) and GCSE Religious Studies Short Course, plus the non-examined Core PE and PSHE. Year 9 pupils choose the additional subjects they are interested in studying - 4 additional subjects if they select GCSE Combined Science (2 GCSEs) or 3 additional subjects if they select GCSE Separate Sciences (3 GCSEs).

Parents and pupils are encouraged to take time to discuss and research the options available. There is no first come, first served basis, so there is no need to rush to submit the option/choices form before the deadline of Tuesday 20 February 2024.  We advise pupils to find out all they can about the subjects they are interested in and be sure about what they want to study in Key Stage 4.

At our Year 9 Pupils' Futures and Choices Learning Conference on Wednesday 24 January 2024 in the Main Hall, Miss Brace, Assistant Head, talked with pupils about the upcoming process of choosing the subjects they want to study at GCSE, as well as looking further ahead. Hopefully they have taken away that choosing a wide range of subjects will ensure that they have still have a wide range of choice post 16 and it is important not to rush these important decisions.

year 9 options

y9 options

This pupils-only event was followed that evening by the Year 9 Key Stage 4 Curriculum Evening: Choices at 14 with the opportunity for parents and pupils to find out about the options process and talk with subject teachers. Each family was also given a copy of the Key Stage 4 Curriculum Guide: Choices at 14 (see below).

The final deadline for stating subject preferences and submitting the online form is Tuesday 20 February 2024, just after half term.


  • Wednesday 24 January
    Choices at 14 session for pupils
  • Wednesday 24 January
    Key Stage 4 Curriculum Evening for parents and pupils
  • Wednesday 31 January
    Choices Options Form live via SMHW
  • Tuesday 20 February
    Deadline for submission of Choices Options Form
  • April/May - Confirmation of options
  • Tuesday 4 June - Start of Year 10

Year 9 options guide

When considering the options available, pupils should reflect on what interests them, focus on what they want to do, think longer term, ask questions, listen to advice, and allow school staff and parents and carers to guide them towards the most appropriate courses if necessary.