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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Christmas Jumper Day 2023

Supporting Cirencester Foodbank

We are inviting our pupils and staff to support Cirencester Foodbank (which covers the Cirencester, Tetbury and Fairford area) in the run-up to Christmas, by taking part in our Christmas Jumper Day on Thursday 21 December 2023, the penultimate day of term and the same day as our Christmas Lunch.

In return for a donation of an item(s) for the foodbank or a minimum donation of 50p, pupils will be able to wear a Christmas Jumper for the day instead of their normal school jumper or cardigan; this is not a non uniform day, just a Christmas Jumper Day, and all other normal uniform guidelines apply.

Donations will be collected during tutor time.

christmas jumper day

If your child would rather not wear the same jumper as in a previous year, why not suggest they swap with a friend or sibling or they could decorate another jumper to create their own Christmas jumper (but not from their school jumper!).


Christmas-specific food donations by Monday 4 December
In order to get the items to Cirencester Foodbank in time to be included in their Christmas boxes, please make sure that Christmas-specific food items are in school by Monday 4 December. Suggested donations include tinned salmon and ham, fruit cordial, selection boxes, boxes of chocolates, hot chocolate, savoury crackers and cheese biscuits, chutney, gravy granules, stuffing mixes, Christmas biscuits and children’s squash.

'Normal' food or non-food items from Tuesday 5 December
From Tuesday 5 December onwards, please send in 'normal' food or non-food items, not Christmas-related items. You can check the BanktheFood app to find out what Cirencester Foodbank needs now or look on the Cirencester Foodbank website - for example, they do not need baked beans, pasta or tuna.

Cash donations
As an alternative to bringing in food items, we are also collecting cash donations (a minimum of 50p) for Christmas Jumper Day. If you are interested in supporting the foodbank beyond our Christmas Jumper Day, you can donate to Cirencester Foodbank online, with a one-off payment or regular contribution (find out more).

In advance, we thank you so much for your help in supporting members of our local community.