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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Admissions Consultation

Consultation on School Admission Arrangements

Consultation on School Admission Arrangements for Cirencester Deer Park School Academic Year 2025/2026

The School Admissions Code 2021 requires all admission authorities to consult upon their admission arrangements if changes are to be made, or, if there are no changes, at least once every 7 years.

As an Academy, Cirencester Deer Park School’s admissions are the responsibility of the Local Governing Body (LGB). The LGB has arranged with Gloucestershire County Council for admissions procedures to be administered by the County Council but the final responsibility for deciding admissions rests with the Governors. The LGB, as the admission authority for Cirencester Deer Park School, last consulted upon their admission arrangements in 2016, based on the Admissions Policy for 2018, and are therefore now due a full consultation.

The current oversubscription criteria for Cirencester Deer Park School give priority in the following order:

  1. ‘Looked After Children’ or children who were previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, child arrangements order or special guardianship order or a child who has previously been in state care outside of England (IAPLAC).
  2. Children living in the existing catchment area of the school which includes the town of Cirencester (excluding the estates bounded by London Road and the town by-pass) and the parishes of Coates and Sapperton to the west, and parishes of Siddington, Kemble, Poole Keynes, Somerford Keynes to the south. See a map of our catchment area.
  3. Children who have siblings attending the school and who will continue to do so at the time of their admission. We use the Local Authority’s standard definition of ‘sibling’: ‘a brother or sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, step brother or sister, or the child of the parent/carer’s partner as well as children who are brought together as a family by a same sex civil partnership. In every case, the child must be living in the same family unit at the same address, at the time of application.’
  4. Other children: proximity of the child’s home to the school, with those living nearer being accorded priority.

In the event of oversubscription in any of the above criterion, places will be allocated to children with the strongest geographical claim, measured in a straight line from the Ordnance Survey Address Point of the child’s home address (including flats) to Reception at the School, using the Local Authority’s computerised measuring system, with those living closer to the school receiving the higher priority. If necessary, if two or more children live at a precise equitable distance from the School, a further tie-break of random allocation based on names being drawn in a lottery at a specified time by our admissions team will be applied, although we will endeavour to treat twins and children from multiple births jointly.

We will not be making any changes to these admission arrangements for the academic year 2025-2026, therefore the priority for admission to Cirencester Deer Park School will remain the same as above.

If you have any comments to make, please do so on our consultation page:
>> Go to Admissions 2025-2026 Consultation page

The consultation closes on Friday 17 November 2023, at 5pm.

Our named point of contact is Allison Boucher, Head’s PA and Admissions Secretary (