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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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GCSE Results 2023

GCSE Results Day, Thursday 24 August 2023

Congratulations to our Class of 2023 for their GCSE results. So many of our pupils should be delighted with their achievements. They have made their families and our school proud!

  • 70% secured 5 or more standard passes (grades 9-4)
  • 68% secured 5 or more standard passes (grades 9-4) including English and Maths
  • 80% of pupils attained standard passes in English
  • 77% of pupils attained standard passes in Maths
  • 71% attained the ‘basics’ at 9-4 (English and Maths combined)
  • 24% of all grades awarded were the top grades 9-7
  • 35 pupils (17%) achieved 5 or more of the top grades (9-7)
  • 14 pupils secured 8 or more grades 9-7

As the first year group to achieve their GCSEs with me as their headteacher, I am so honoured to be a part of their achievements. Let us not forget the impact the pandemic had on their education from the Spring of 2020 affecting their Key Stage 3, the significant building block for GCSE success. As the examination performance falls back to 2019 levels nationally, our Class of 2023 have achieved above the national measures of 2019 and are broadly in-line with the performance of their Deer Park peers’ results from 2019.

The hallmarks of this year group have been their resilience, determination and positive attitude to hard work, all the ingredients which have led to today’s achievements. Above all, they are a collection of lovely people who are ready to move on to their next stages in life.

Particular thanks must go to our staff who have helped in no small measures to steer our pupils towards these results from the national turmoil of March 2020. The skill, passion, commitment and compassion of our staff to help this year group navigate their way to today’s successes is inspiring.

For those pupils who found the experience even more challenging than most, and struggled to transition back to more regular schooling, my thoughts are with them. Their peers and staff were on hand to support them when they received their grades. I know some will be disappointed, but I would urge them to fall back on their strength of character they have developed over the last five years, along with the knowledge and skills they have acquired and get ready to ‘go again’ with their studies. They have time on their side and there are many paths to the destinations they seek.

At exactly 9:15am on Thursday 24 August pupils lined up to receive their results and minutes later whoops of happiness and smiles broke out around the front of the school. It was lovely to see our pupils, families and staff mingling together in an atmosphere of joy and relief!

gcse results day 2023

gcse results day 2023

"Very pleased with my results." Torby E

"I was really nervous, but I am very happy with my results." Isabel C

"I am very pleased with my results. Deer Park has been a fantastic experience. I will miss it, but look forward to what is to come." Timothy C

"I was anxious coming in to get my results, but now I am so happy and it shows my hard work has paid off." Antonia F

"It is always such a pleasure to share this day with our pupils. Their resilience and hard work has certainly paid off. I wish them all the best for their exiting futures." Mrs Pennington, Head of Maths

"We were delighted with the pupils' Science results. Their performance was outstanding and reflected the determination of the cohort to overcome obstacles." Dr. Tipping, Head of Science

I look forward to welcoming back our Class of 2023 to our annual Celebration of Achievement Evening in November, when we can formally congratulate pupils on their progress and attainment. More information will be sent home in the Autumn Term regarding this event. In addition to the celebration, pupils will be able to collect their GCSE certificates and (pre-ordered) Leavers’ Booklets.

Mr Richard Clutterbuck, Headteacher