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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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District Athletics Success

2nd Overall at District Athletics in Cheltenham

On Tuesday 20 June 2023, members of our PE Faculty took the Deer Park Athletics team to the Prince of Wales Stadium (POW) in Cheltenham for the District Championships. With 12 schools participating, competition was stiff.

We are really pleased to share the following team results:

  • Year 7 Boys and Girls combined: 3rd
  • Year 8 Boys and Girls combined: 1st
  • Year 9 Boys and Girls combined: 2nd
  • Year 10 Boys and Girls combined: 5th
  • Years 7-10 Boys combined: 2nd
  • Years 7-10 Girls combined: 2nd

Years 7-10 Boys and Girls combined: 2nd Overall

district athletics team
What a set of results!

Mrs Hacker, Head of PE, commented "It was a superb day. The pupils were excellent, supporting each other and ensuring they got to their events at the correct time. I was very proud of them and blown away by some outstanding performances."

Oli B (new Year 8): "I did 100m, 200m and Relay. I really enjoyed the POW because it was fun and something new. I have never competed at an athletics stadium before."

Mimi vW (new Year 9): "I competed in the Long Jump, 300m and Relay. I enjoyed it because it was exciting to compete against other people."

Mr Cumming, Assistant Head of PE said "This was a fantastic event and I was so proud of our pupils' performances and their behaviour throughout the day. Our pupils were a credit to our school!"

Individual results are as follows:

Year 7 (new Year 8) Girls finished 3rd

100m - Kelsey R 4th
200m - Dolci J 2nd
800m - Martha C 3rd
1500m - Megan D 3rd
4 x 100m Relay - (Kelsey K, Dolci J , Lara SH, Emmy S) 1st
High Jump - Dolci J 4th
Long Jump - Tippi B 7th
Shot Putt - Ellen B 6th
Discus - Nell S 4th
Javelin - Patti Y 1st

Year 7 (new Year 8) Boys finished 3rd

100m - Oliver B 3rd
200m - Oliver B 2nd
800m - Ben C 4th
1500m - Toby W 2nd
4 x 100m Relay - (Oliver B, Laurie N, Seb P, Lore B) 2nd
High Jump - Laurie N 2nd
Long Jump - Seb P 4th
Shot Putt - Degan L 7th
Discus - Degan L 3rd
Javelin - Jasper S 6th

Year 8 (new Year 9) Girls finished 1st

100m - Chloe B 1st
200m - Chloe S 3rd
800m - Gaby B 3rd
1500m - Willow KM 3rd
4 x 100m Relay - (Chloe B, Chloe S, Willow KM, Sasha M) 1st
High Jump - Willow KM 1st
Long Jump - Gaby B 2nd
Shot Putt - Molly B 2nd
Discus - Martha P 4th
Javelin - Martha P 3rd

Year 8 (new Year 9) Boys finished 1st

100m - Noah G 2nd
200m - Noah G 1st
300m - Hunter C 4th
800m - Lewis J 1st
1500m - Tom C 1st
4 x 100m Relay - (Noah G, Hunter C, Oscar H, Harry M) 2nd
High Jump - Noah M 3rd
Long Jump - Harry M 4th
Triple Jump - Rowan R 5th
Shot Putt - Marley W 3rd
Discus - Zach W 3rd
Javelin - Hunter C 3rd

Year 9 (new Year 10) Girls finished 3rd

100m - Lily H 3rd
200m - Lily H 2nd
300m - Mimi vW 4th
800m - Holly W 6th
1500m - Saffi S 5th
4 x 100m Relay - (Lily H, Evie S, Mimi vW, Hope G) 5th
High Jump - Holly W 4th
Long Jump - Mimi vW 1st
Shot Putt - Hope G 5th
Discus - Evie S 7th
Javelin - Hope G 1st

Year 9 (new Year 10) Boys finished 2nd

100m - Leo B 1st
200m - Jack W 4th
300m - Isaac B 4th
800m - Isaac B 4th
1500m - Idris TJ  2nd
4 x 100m Relay - (Leo B, Jack W, Isaac B, Max PT) 2nd
High Jump - Leo B 1st
Long Jump - Max PT 3rd
Triple Jump - Max PT 3rd
Shot Putt - Luca IS 7th
Discus - Luca IS 3rd
Javelin - Isaac B 9th

Year 10 (new Year 11) Girls finished 4th

100m - Daisy vW 5th
200m - Alicia B 9th
300m - Daisy vW 2nd
800m - Charlie A 3rd
1500m - Emy KM 7th
4 x 100m Relay - (Daisy vW, Esther P, Elsie L, Alicia B) 4th
High Jump - Esther P 4th
Long Jump - Charlie A 5th
Triple Jump - Charlotte M 5th
Shot Putt - Summer W 7th
Discus - Summer W 3rd
Javelin - Charlotte M 6th

Year 10 (new Year 11) Boys finished 5th

100m - Thomas W 6th
200m - Thomas W 6th
400m - Rufus P 7th
800m - Gil MF 4th
1500m - Max B 4th
4 x 100m Relay - (Thomas W, Brendan B, Rufus P, Gil MF) 5th
High Jump - Cameron M 4th
Long Jump - Sam G 4th
Triple Jump - Rohan PR 6th
Shot Putt - Brendan B 4th
Discus - NA
Javelin - NA