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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Year 7 & 8 Athletics

Inter school athletics competition

On Wednesday 7 June 2023, our (new) Year 8 and (new) Year 9 Athletics team took part in the Year 7/8 inter schools competition at Thomas Keble School.

Fantastic results from individuals and teams. Year 7 Girls 2nd, Year 7 Boys 3rd, Year 8 Girls 2nd, Year 8 Boys 1st. Overall Deer Park finished 2nd.

Tom C (new Year 9) 'I really enjoyed competing in the 1500m as I love the mental battle for this event.'

Chloe B (new Year 9) 'It was really good. I competed in the 100m and relay. I love sprinting.'

Individual results are as follows:

Year 7 (new Year 8) Girls finished 2nd

100m - Kelsey R 2nd
200m - Lily L 2nd
800m - Martha S 2nd
1500m - Megan D 4th
4 x 100m Relay - 1st (Kelsey R, Lily L, Hannah B, Lara SH)
High Jump - Dolci J 2nd
Long Jump -  Tippi B 10th
Shot Putt - Ellen B 6th
Javelin - Patti Y 4th
Discus - Nell S 8th

Year 8 (new Year 9) Girls finished 2nd

100m - Chloe B 1st
200m - Chloe S 3rd
800m - Gaby B 5th
1500m - Willow KM 3rd
4 x 100m Relay - 1st (Chloe B, Chloe S, Willow KM, Sasha M)
High Jump - Willow KM 2nd
Long Jump - Gaby B 8th
Shot Putt - Molly B 4th
Discus - Martha P 3rd
Javelin - Martha P 3rd

Year 7 (new Year 8) Boys finished 3rd

100m - Oliver B 4th
200m - Oliver B 3rd
800m - Ben C 4th
1500m - Toby W 1st
4 x 100m Relay - 3rd (Oliver B, Lawrie N, Seb P, Lore B)
High Jump - Lawrie N 6th
Long Jump - Seb P 6th
Shot Putt - Degan L 5th
Discus - Degan L 4th
Javelin - Jasper S 8th

Year 8 (new Year 9) Boys finished 1st

100m - Noah G 4th
200m - Noah G 2nd
300m - Hunter C 2nd
800m - Lewis J 1st
1500m - Tom C 2nd
4 x 100m Relay - 3rd (Noah G, Hunter C, Oscar H, Dan D)
High Jump - Noah M 4th
Long Jump - Ed M 4th
Shot Putt - Marley W 4th
Discus - Zach W 3rd
Javelin - Archie B 4th
Triple Jump - Oscar H 5th