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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Year 11 Leavers

The next few months for Year 11

On our return to school after the February 2022 half term, our first assembly for Year 11 included a number of important points: 

  1. SECOND MOCK EXAM SERIES, week beginning Monday 28 March 2022

    Our Year 11s are at a critical point in their education, preparing for their final exams.  We can confirm that GCSE exams are going to be externally assessed this year.  However, the exam boards are still aware that pupils may well still contract COVID during the exam season and not be well enough to complete an assessment. The exam boards have contingencies in place for this, including spreading out exams within the same subject over a wider number of days.

    examsAs part of our commitment to ensuring our Year 11s achieve the very best results possible in the summer exam series, in addition to completing the required contingency plans for the exam boards, we are giving all Year 11 pupils a reduced series of mock exams to sit which will commence week beginning Monday 28 March 2022.

    Our Year 11s need to ensure that they are fully prepared for these assessments. The opportunity to complete a second mock exam will help our pupils with their exam technique, in addition to highlighting areas that need further revision.  There will still be time in lessons, before the summer exams, for teachers to help our pupils refine their understanding and ensure that they are fully prepared for their GCSE assessments.

    All Year 11 pupils should be revising regularly outside of lessons and we hope that pupils have taken time to plan their revision, using a revision timetable that works for them. Resources from every subject are posted on MS Teams and can be accessed by pupils, in addition to our faculties providing pupils with revision resources, either as a paper copy or via SMHW.  Pupils should speak to their classroom teacher if they feel that they need more resources to support their preparation for their GCSE exams.


    leavers' hoodiesEach year we offer our Year 11s the opportunity to buy a Leavers' Hoodie. Prices range from £18.50 to £22, depending on whether over head or full zip and whether with or without contrast. There are many colours to choose from. Order deadline is 15 April. Hoodies will be delivered to school before Leavers' Day.

    >> Order Leavers' Hoodie


    The whole year group Leavers' Photo will take place on Monday 4 April. Pupils should make sure that they come to school in full correct school uniform and minimal jewellery. The photograph will be available to purchase.

    We will be producing an in-house celebratory Leavers' Booklet, with a collection of photographs from Year 7 to Year 11, plus tutor comments. Purchase details to follow.

    Leavers' Day is an important part of the Deer Park tradition and this year will incorporate lessons at the start of the day, followed by shirt signing (many pupils bring in a plain white shirt which they change into at a specified time, others remain in their usual school shirt), BBQ and Leavers' Assembly, before our pupils go on Study Leave. The date is yet to be confirmed.

    From Leavers' Day (see above) forward, pupils will not be required to wear school uniform when in school, although they are reminded that their choice of clothing should be appropriate for the school environment and comfortable for sitting an exam and that they must remember to come in to school promptly for each exam, details of which will are outlined on their exam timetables.

    For many years we have held a Leavers' Ball for our Year 11s after their exams. However, due to the pandemic, last year we took our Class of 2021 to a theme park, which they seemed to enjoy very much! We are currently looking at our options for the Class of 2022.

Details regarding Leavers' Day, Study Leave, Leavers' Booklet and the Leavers' Event will be confirmed in a letter when we have details.