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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Sports Roundup

Another fun-filled and exciting term in PE at Cirencester Deer Park School!

Depending on the Physical Education class they are in, during November and December 2021 our pupils have developed skills and techniques related to Netball, Football, Hockey, Trampolining, Health Related Fitness, Badminton, Gymnastics, Basketball or Rugby. It has been great to see so many highly motivated and enthusiastic pupils wanting to learn and develop!

We have offered a range of extracurricular activities. Boys have had the opportunity to attend Rugby, Badminton, Cross Country and Basketball clubs. For the girls we have offered Netball, Cross Country and Badminton clubs. Training numbers have been admirable, especially in Key Stage 3. This has been extended through school fixtures for Netball, Rugby, Cross Country and Basketball. Pupils have clearly enjoyed being able to take part in the fixtures and our teams and individuals have developed well and progressed their tactical and strategical understanding of sport through these experiences.  

Congratulations to our pupils who qualified and successfully ran in the County Cross Country Final in Newent on 5 December 2021: Sulu (Year 7) 23rd, Max (Year 9) 30th, James (Year 10) 12th, Reuben (Year 10) 21st and Beth (Year 11)14th.

On Tuesday 9 November 2021 we held the first of our Key Stage 3 Inter Tutor Competitions for Rugby and Netball which was well attended by all year groups, highly competitive and fun!

Key Stage 3 Inter Tutor Group Netball

Year 7: 1st 7DO, 2nd 7DE, 3rd 7TU, 4th 7DU, 5th 7LI, 6th 7JE, 7th 7FR / 7NI

Year 8: 1st 8LI, 2nd 8FR, 3rd 8DU, 4th 8JE, 5th 8DO, 6th 8DE / 8TU, 8th 8NI

Year 9: 1st 9NI, 2nd 9LI, 3rd 9FR, 4th 9DU, 5th 9JE, 6th 9TU, 7th 9DO, 8th 9DE.

Key Stage 3 Inter Tutor Group Rugby

Year 7: 1st 7DO, 2nd 7FR, 3rd 7DE, 4th 7DU, 5th 7TU, 6th 7JE, 7th 7NI

Year 8: 1st 8FR, 2nd 8LI, 3rd 8NI, 4th 8DU, 5th 8JE / 8TU / 8DE

Year 9: 1st 9FR, 2nd 9JE, 3rd 9NI, 4th 9DU / 9DO / 9DE.

ks3 rugby tournament

ks3 netball tournament

ks3 rugby tournament

ks3 netball tournament

ks3 rugby tournament

ks3 netball tournament

The next two Key Stage 3 Inter Tutor Group tournaments will be mixed Hockey in February and mixed Football in March.

Our Year 10 Games Captains have helped staff run our Key Stage 3 clubs and have officiated at Basketball and Netball fixtures. They have been superb! Our Year 11 Young Sports Leaders have been amazing this term. They led primary sport events related to tag rugby and indoor athletics. Pupils initially completed training sessions, followed by their leading in these events. Local primary schools involved included Stratton, Powell’s, Sapperton, Siddington and Kemble.

At the end of this term we have also been inspiring our pupils with the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. We have run Twitter polls on @CDPSsport so pupils can select their winner and had a display board offering an overview of each performer who has been nominated.

In January 2022 we will be focusing on (boys) Football, (girls) Hockey and Badminton. More information about our extracurricular clubs will be shares with pupils in tutor time and in the parents' newsletter in the new year.

Mr Cumming, Assistant Head of PE