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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School


iDeer, our virtual learning environment (VLE) is a great resource for pupils.  All pupils have their own login and password (the same as their normal school login) and outside of school  iDeer can access iDeer via our website by clicking on the icon in the Quick Links at the top or can go direct to 


iDeer sample home page

There is a wealth of information for pupils on iDeer:

  • The home page displays school notices, so that pupils can remain up-to-date with information;
  • All homework is listed under 'Show My Homework' so pupils can see the homework that needs completing and the day that it is due; 
  • All pupils can access their timetable through iDeer, which means that they can check this at home at any time via 'My Planner';
  • Upcoming events are listed for pupils to see, so that they can get involved as they wish;
  • All clubs and activities are listed on iDeer, including times of rehearsals.  This means that pupils can start new clubs (or top-ups in KS4) throughout the year;
  • Different faculties put curriculum information onto iDeer for pupils to access. This gives pupils extra information about the subjects being covered in lessons. This is a great revision tool for pupils too.