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BBC News School Report

Pupils at Cirencester Deer Park School made the news on Thursday 10 March 2016 when they took part in the BBC News School Report. Schools across the country were be researching and producing their own news reports on things happening in their area.

Teachers help develop pupils' journalistic skills so they can report on the stories that matter to them and make their voices heard. Last year over 1,000 schools took part.

bbc news school report team

BBC News School Report Day

Our thanks to everyone who took part in today's BBC News School Report Day, whether researching, writing, photographing, editing or keeping us supplied with chocolate! 

‘Today was fun and exciting. It has been a great experience.’ by Monty and Jake
‘It’s been a brilliant opportunity. It allowed me to get an insight of what it’s like to be a reporter.’ by Alfie
‘It’s been extremely fun working together as a group!’ by Neha
Today has been one of the best days I have had since I started at Deer Park.’ by Heaven
‘Reporting is an interesting change to our normal school days. I have really enjoyed it.’ by James 


16:30 That's All Folks!
We have more news stories still to add and will be uploading them.



by Charlie

Go4SET links teams of Year 8/9 pupils (age 12-14) with employers and universities to offer a 10 week Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Project. The Government needs pupils wanting careers in Science, Engineering and Technology. Support from Industry and business can help to make an important act to the future by inspiring pupils to become scientists and engineers. 

The key benefits for Young People & Educators are:

  • Students can understand STEM application in a real-world setting
  • Creates an opportunity to influence subject and career choice
  • Students develop employability skills to help with future study and employment potential
  • Links are developed with local industry for further engagement and learning potential

Pupils from Deer Park are taking part in this year’s Go4SET. The seven people on the A Team and six on the B Team have been selected from the Year 8/9 top Maths sets. To enter, we had to write an application letter to Mrs Charleston, head of the project. I applied and was picked for the team and became Project Manager.

During the 10 week project, each team has to complete one of three projects:
  • My school is an island
  • Eco-friendly gym
  • Recycling and waste in my school

As Project Manager, I chose 'My school is an island'. We hope to add more here about our projects.

The rewards for the Go4SET projects consist of CREST awards. CREST is a national award scheme for project work in science, maths, engineering and technology and the awards can be used in personal statements and as evidence to talk about wider study and achievement. I would really like to gain a Crest award as It would thoroughly increase my chances of entering Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where I can study to join the army as an officer.


Sports News

by Alfie, Dan and George

2016 is a big year for sport. There are the Olympics, the Euro Championships, Sport Relief, the Winter Youth Olympics and many more. Those are just the extras and there’s still the Champions League, The Davis Cup, the Grand National, the FA cup final and The Ryder Cup.

In France, as hosts of Euro 2016, they’re going to be on high alert after the Paris attacks. As France are hosts they were grated automatic qualification to the Championships. Being ranked 5th in the world, the French people have High hopes for the French team whose average age is 27. Another high contender is Germany who won the World Cup in 2014. A surprise qualifier is Iceland. They came second, beating Turkey and World Cup semi-finalists Holland to the Euro Championships. Icelandic people have applied for around 27,000 tickets - that is around 8% of the whole of Iceland’s population.

On 5 August, the Olympics will be kicking off in Brazil until 21 August. Each day will be jam-packed full of sport and action. There will be tears and cheering. Records will be broken and dreams fulfilled. In the exotic country of Brazil, anything can happen.

In the Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, everything was happening. USA were champions with South Korea coming second. Hosts Norway came 5th and Britain were a disappointing 14th. USA won 10 gold medals whereas bottom of the table Holland got only one bronze.

In the Champions League, Benfica, Real Madrid, PSG and Wolfsburg are all through to the quarter finals. In the games left to play, Bayern Munich face Juventus and Athletico Madrid play PSV. In the other two games, Barcelona play Arsenal and Man City play Dynamo Kiev. They’re all fighting for a place in the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy which is where the final is going to be hosted.

As winner of the 2015 Davis Cup Andy Murray will be fighting to retain his title. He faces 2010 Davis cup winner Novak Djokovic in the next round.

In the FA Cup, the quarter finals are the next round to play with Reading and Crystal Palace, Everton and Chelsea, Arsenal and Watford and finally Man Utd and West Ham.

In the 2014 Ryder Cup was won by Europe and captained by Tom Watson. They also won in 2012. The last time USA won was 2010.


SPORT RELIEF is big this year including celebrities and famous sporting people. Some of these people include Alex Ferguson, Amir Khan, Johnathon Ross, Mo Farah, Dynamo and many more. Many people have done things like Greg James doing 5 triathlons in 5 days or doing a big run or swimathon.

Bishop’s Week Of Hell - John will cycle, row and run over 290 brutal miles, from Paris to London, in just five days.

The Frank Skinner Dipping Challenge - Frank has a lifelong fear of water, and will be putting himself to the ultimate test... Swimming across a width of an Olympic sized pool. He will be braving the water live on the Sport Relief show on Friday 23rd March.

Walliams Vs The Thames - Despite facing torrential rain, a nasty dose of ‘Thames tummy’ and a drowning Labrador (which he saved), David Walliams front-crawled through 140 miles of the Thames to raise over £1 million for Sport Relief.

Helen's Polar Challenge - In her toughest Sport Relief challenge yet, Blue Peter's Helen Skelton travelled 500 miles across Antarctica to reach the South Pole by ski, kite and bike.


On Friday 18 March at Deer Park we will be fundraising for Sport Relief through a Non Uniform Day and a host of other activities including a Mile Run, Tug of War and Bake Off.  Everyone here at Cirencester Deer Park School is excited and will be routing for their tutor group to win the highly anticipated Inter Tutor Group Football Tournament which takes place on Thursday 17 March after school. Last year in Year 7, Derby won it with Fraser coming in close 2nd. This year we expect Tudor and Jenner to be in the running for the title. Tudor has had some new people joining for this year and we wish all the best to the teams… GOOD LUCK!



International Women's Day 

by Ella and Neha

International Women’s Day takes place on 8 March. It is a day where we review conversations on gender equality and women’s human rights.

On March the 8th, 1857, people marched into New York City and insisted there should be better working conditions. This lasted over 10 hours, however the people were stopped by the police.

The United Kingdom began celebrating this day during international women’s year in 1975. In 1977, it was decided that the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace would take place every year from then on to remind and celebrate the new, successful system, women’s rights.

The 2016 theme for international women’s day is ‘Step it up for gender equality’. The idea of this theme is to give girls and women a lifelong education. In 2016 theme for International Women’s Day is “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality”.

The ‘Suffragettes’ were members of women's organizations in the late 19th and early 20th century. They protested for the ‘right for women to vote in public elections,’ because at that time, people thought it was wrong for a woman to vote how the country was run because it was only the men how had jobs in factories while the women stayed at home and did house work. The Suffragettes stood up in front of public announcements to demand that they have a chance and that they deserve the position.

This week at Deer Park our Thought for the Week is from actress, model and activist Emma Watson:

“I am from Britain and think it is right that as a woman I am paid the same as my male counterparts. I think it is right that I should be able to make decisions about my own body. I think it is right that women be involved on my behalf in the policies and decision-making of my country. I think it is right that socially I am afforded the same respect as men. But sadly I can say that there is no one country in the world where all women can expect to receive these rights.”

Emma Watson is a British actress, model, and activist who rose to prominence as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series. Emma Watson is a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador working for the empowerment of women.


15:25 Finding our Futures


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As part of National Careers Week (7-11 March) we asked some of our pupils what careers they would like and we also interviewed Andy Middleton from Speakers for Schools who was in school to talk with a group of our Year 9 Business and Enterprise pupils.


15: 20

EU Referendum

by James

Britain will have to decide its future on 23 June as a referendum is held to decide whether Britain stays in Europe.

The European Union (EU) was forged as a way to prevent another war after WWII by having strong trade partnerships within the single market. However the ties have grown into very close political union as Brussels now are able to enact legislation on environment, transport, consumer rights etc. however they also lower phone charges travel charges and allow free movement of people without visas or citizenship.

The referendum is about whether we should stay in a reformed EU. Reforms included exemption of Britain from ever closer union, 4 years of lower benefits for migrants and exemption from Eurozone bailouts. However migrants can still send child benefit back home.

Many political voices like Boris Johnson, a hopeful for the leadership of the conservative party have gone onto the Brexit side with splits in all the major parties. The Tory party has even had deep divisions in cabinet. The PM has been questioned about resignation no matter which way the vote goes.

Arguments for both sides are strong. The staying side is scaremongering while out is predicting to suit their needs. In truth no one knows what could happen if Britain leaves the EU so many people are unsure which way to go.

Scotland wants to stay in the EU though so an out vote will probably spark a second Scottish referendum, especially with the current strength of the SNP.

 One of the reasons people are wanting this referendum is the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean, sparked by the war with Daesh. Over 1.2million migrants are already on European shores. Britain has promised 20,000. Many want to leave the EU as this is an EU issue that, out of the EU, would no longer affect us but the prime minister warned that Brexit would cause thousands of migrants to illegally enter the country.

Moreover, millions of jobs may be lost in global manufacturers like Airbus and Britain’s foreign owned car industry that will all move their headquarters into France or Germany. However it is suggested out of EU trade laws small and medium sized businesses will have a jobs boom.

The EU is 52% of our trade worth £400bn per annum. But, Britain may be able to re-establish trade agreements in Europe, but also free to trade with booming markets of China, Singapore, Brazil, Russia and India that Europe has held us back from.

Sovereignty is another big issue. The EU is wanting ever closer union taking more power from Westminster. On the other hand, globalisation would mean outside of the EU British international power will be severely diminished, something America and China have warned.

Because of closer union an EU army may demand British forces in the future. However, new enemies like Russia and Daesh would mean strong alliances would make Britain a safer place.

It is impossible to say what will happen if Britain leaves the EU. Though some suggest a massive exodus by the financial sector in London as banks relocate, others say jobs will be gained and trade will increase. The only known is that it will be a close run battle.

The referendum will affect everyone, even children. Outside the EU visas would probably be needed for holidays.


15:05 Steel Sounds


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by Harry
The Deer Park Steel Band - Deer Park Pans - practice on Tuesdays after school and has been running for at least 5 years. Mr Cook (Head of Expressive Arts) runs this unique club and is band leader. They play a variety of music and songs and will be playing at the 2nd Cotswold Caribbean Carnival at Painswick Golf Club on Saturday 19 March for their latest gig. Ella in Year 10 commented to us "I like Steel Band because it’s challenging but fun and it’s a unique opportunity" and Mr Cook said "The Steel Band is a very dedicated group of pupils who have been working hard in preparation for our upcoming gig at Painswick Golf Club. I am sure they will make Deer Park proud in their varied and exciting programme."

15:00 Denzil the Dog


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by Grace, Jake and Monty
On Tuesday 8 March Jake, Grace and Monty were joined by a real BBC reporter called Hannah Olsson to produce a radio piece about Denzil the dog. Denzil is a golden retriever that goes around our school and helps pupils with their confidence and is read to by some of the Year 7s in the library. It was an amazing experience spending time with Hannah because we got to learn how to put together a radio piece. It helped all three of us with our confidence and it gave us a real insight into the technical side of producing a radio report. We are really hoping to hear the  story aired on Radio 4’s Saturday Live show!







09:15 Hello!

Our School Report team are making the news today! Reports are being planned, interviews set up, pieces being written, photographs taken, videos created and edited... Check back as the day progresses. 

BBC News School Report Day Preparation

As Thursday 10 March 2016 draws closer, we are busy preparing - please do keep checking for the latest news. On Tuesday 8 March a reporter from the BBC came to Deer Park. More news to follow!

Our Team

This year our team consists of pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9, managed by English teacher Mrs Voss. Find out why pupils chose to become involved in this project...

Practice Session

During our BBC News School Report club after school on Tuesday 9 February 2016 we worked on getting two articles onto our website, as a practice run for the 'real' BBC News School Report day on Thursday 10 March. 

Denzil the Dog 

Report by Jake, Grace, James & Monty

denzil in the libraryOur school is rare in the fact that we have a school dog so we decided to tell you more about him. Denzil is a 5 year old Golden Retriever, owned by one of our Key Stage 3 Pastoral Managers. He is known for his mild temperament and excellent behaviour.

This audio piece explains how and why we got him…….

[audio to be added]

In the near future we will update you on how he is getting on and how we are finding having him around.

Photo: Denzil relaxing in our library whilst one of our Year 7 pupils reads to him!

The American Election 

by Susan and Holly (Year 8)

2016 is a very important time for most of us because of big events on an international scale, such as the Olympics. However, one of the most important events of the next twelve months could be the American election.

usa flagDepending on who gets elected, this election could affect international relationships. Some politicians are known for their radical stand on issues such as the threat of terrorism and gun control: for example, Donald Trump is fast gaining notoriety for a proposition to ban all Muslims from entering the USA.

The two main parties in the run for presidential election are the Republicans and the Democrats. The two most likely candidates for presidential election from the Democrats are Hilary Clinton and Sanders, whilst the Republicans most likely to gain presidency are Trump and Bush. The political term of the current President, Barack Obama, doesn’t finish until January 20, 2017. Those hoping for presidential election after this term are currently drumming up support, in order to attain the highest amount of votes they can.

Most of the world is watching the progress of the elections with interest. Depending on the successful candidate, international relationships may be affected. Trump, whose controversial stand on anti-terrorism has already been mentioned, may affect relations with countries in the Middle East, and could possibly inflame already high tensions. There have recently been calls to bar Trump from the United Kingdom due to his often controversial tendencies.

Having lots of political ties with America, Britain could suffer or gain something from the picked candidate, and because of this our relationship with America could change.

If the future presidents have some sort of a conflict with our government, it could cause a political argument or if measures get too extreme it may even start a war, but this is highly unlikely. However, if things go well, it could open up new opportunities for America and Great Britain.

The world is waiting to see the result of these elections. Who will win?

usa map