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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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BBC Young Reporter

BBC Young Reporter is an exciting opportunity for young people to get involved with the BBC.

"BBC Young Reporter is about tapping into what really matters to young people, and giving them an opportunity and a platform to tell their stories." Tony Hall, BBC Director-General

BBC Young Reporter – formally known as BBC School Report – is aimed at anyone aged 11 -18 years old who is interested in the media and journalism. It allows students to have a voice and get the stories that matter to them heard by others by getting students to prepare and create their own news stories through a variety of different mediums. 

Throughout the year, news stories will be uploaded, keeping you updated with all the latest news that students are interested in.

Any Deer Park pupils interested in having their voice heard, should come along to BBC Young Reporter on Tuesdays after school in E3.

Christmas in our Community

Friday 21 December 2018

What makes your Christmas special? Do you have any creative and wonderful ways of marking this festive time of the year, unique to your household?

At this time of the year, everyone has lots of different ways of making this time of the year fun. We asked pupils and teachers about how they prepared and celebrated it. As you might already know, Christmas is widely celebrate in different ways all across the globe; for example, in the Philippines they have the giant lantern festival on the Saturday before Christmas Eve. Also in Austria, people celebrate the legend of Krampus who is Saint Nicholas’ accomplice and is said to punish naughty children and take away the naughtiest of children in his sack. In the first week of December young men dress up Krampus frightening and warning the children about Krampus and what will happen if they misbehave this festive season!

However, in this article, we will be looking a lot closer to home and what magic happens in your houses! Do you dress up as a demon like Krampus; or do you celebrate your Christmas with a huge bucket of KFC like they do in Japan? These are a few of the weird and wonderful traditions that are present in our community.


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Will you adopt one of our traditions or start your own unique Christmas custom in your household?

Audio: Ethan (Year 9) and Jack (Year 7)
Words: Ethan (Year 9)