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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Primary Gymnastics

Gym festival for local primary children.

By Tanwen and Olivia  - Year 9 Young Leaders

The Cirencester Deer Park Gym Festival on Monday 19 March 2018 was an incredible, rewarding experience for a group of young girls from Stratton Primary School.

During this memorable evening, all of the children performed to high standards. At the start, the girls performed a wonderful, well-rehearsed routine. They perfectly executed each move, were in time with the music and it was clear they were not afraid to show off their gymnastic talent. The impressive tricks and moves displayed an inventive and creative routine.

primary gym march 18

primary gym march 18

During the break, two members of the Cotswold Gymnastics Club, one of whom (Joe) is a  Deer Park pupil, performed some beautiful and artistic routines. The shapes they made were very well executed, the moves reflected the dynamics and tempo of the music. Both students clearly love their sport and it was a privilege for them to share their talent with us.

After these dazzling routines, the Stratton pupils performed again. It was obvious that they had settled into the new environment and were able to give their best, most confident performance.

Later, Cotswold Gymnastic Club kindly put up the inflatable air track and the children took turns do develop their gym skills. This was a fun experience, using a different piece of equipment. Our Young Leaders got involved too - they ran up and down, having a go and exploring their inner gymnast!

Mr Cumming, PE teacher and Primary Sports Coordinator, commented "It was great to host another gymnastics event at Cirencester Deer Park School. The performances were to a high standard and I was particularly impressed with Stratton’s girls team who designed their own routine during their lunch breaks. It was very good! A BIG thank you must also go to Cotswold Gymnastic Club who supplied their equipment and provided 30 minutes of training to both Deer Park and Stratton pupils."