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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Post 16 Options

Year 11 pupils spend the day at Cirencester College.

cirencester collegeOn Friday 17 November, our Year 11 pupils were able to spend a 'Taster Day' at Cirencester  College. This is a valuable opportunity to experience a day at a local Post 16 provider and to try different courses that pupils are considering studying after they leave Deer Park in Summer 2018.  We are grateful to our colleagues at Cirencester Sixth Form College for organising the day.

Young people are now required to stay in education or training until they are 18, which means they have several options to choose from after GCSEs: go to a school sixth form, go to a sixth form college, go to a further education (FE) college, or join a work-based training provider.

Many of our pupils will continue their traditional education by choosing to study A Levels at a sixth form college or school. Sixth form college can provide a bridge between school and university, apprenticeships or employment. Students experience the academic challenge, pastoral support and enrichment expected at school sixth forms but they do need to have the self-discipline and maturity to stick at their studies and manage their own time and deadlines in the absence of teachers watching over them. School sixth forms are smaller and tend to provide more structure and support than colleges. Vocational courses (BTECs, NVQs) or apprenticeship training can be carried out at Further Education colleges.

Pupils should look at the type of establishment, as well as the subjects available, when deciding which type of post 16 establishment is best suited for them. Since Deer Park does not have a sixth form, all of our pupils will be making a change post 16 and will have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

One pupil commented "I really enjoyed my day at College.  It is very different to school and I am looking forward to it".  Another pupil said "It's great to be able to try out different courses. I have tried some today that really interested me and some that weren't what I expected. I am able to make a more informed choice in my applications."

Our local sixth forms and colleges all hold Open Days/Evenings, so pupils can go along and see what is on offer. These are great opportunities to see what a school or college is like, find out information, meet tutors and other students, have a look around and ask lots of questions!

Go to list of local providers' Post 16 Open Days/Evenings

Application deadlines are approaching fast as we move towards Christmas, so pupils should look at provider websites and application information carefully to make sure they are well informed. There is in fact no need to wait until the application deadline if pupils know where they want to go - why not send in their application now? 

On Wednesday 22 November our Year 11s started their Mock GCSE Exams. This is a vital dress run for the real exams next summer and enables our staff to give forecast grades which are used on applications to Post 16 providers.