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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Sports Day 2017

On the morning of Sports Day, Wednesday 12 July, our PE Faculty, Maintenance team and Technical crew sprang into action to get everything ready for 11am and the start of the Deer Park Sports Day. After some welcome rain the previous day, the track was beautifully marked out and flags were placed around the track making the field look spectacular.

Weather in the morning was perfect as it was slightly overcast and cooler than on previous days but the performances were still red hot. The (new) Year 10 and 11s competed in their Field events and the (new) Year 8 and 9s started on the Track. Athletes were called to their events by the Technical Team up on the tower and spectators were entertained by music and updates from announcer and Assistant Pastoral Leader Glynn Read.

A new school record was set by Tanwen (8FR) in the morning session, recording 5:40.15 in the 1500m, beating the previous record by over 3 seconds. We were treated to a flypast by jets headed to the Air Tattoo at Fairford and the morning session culminated with exciting relay races from the (new) Year 8 and 9 teams.

sports day 2017

sports day 2017

sports day 2017

sports day 2017

sports day 2017

sports day 2017

sports day 2017

The afternoon saw the sun break through and once again the staff worked hard to get the pupils through the events. Two new records were set. Hugo (7DO) broke the Javelin record of 22.80m which had been set in 1996; Hugo threw 23.14m which is exceptional. Bruno (9JE) broke the 300m record by 7 hundreths of a second with a new time of 44.41seconds.

It was a spectacular day and Mrs Hacker would like to thank her Faculty and all Staff for their work on the day, with special mentions to the Maintenance and Tech teams, plus Mr Doidge and Mrs Hughes for their help collating the results sheets, and finally a big THANK YOU to the pupils for their fantastic efforts.

Tutor group and individual results are as follows:

(New) Year 8

1st – 7NI 223
2st – 7DU 222 
3rd – 7TU 216
4th – 7FR 209
5th – 7LI 201 
6th – 7DO 194

1st  Ruari (7Fr) 20 
Equal 2nd
Tyler (7Du) 19
Josh (7Ni) 19
Martim (7Li) 19
Guille (7Do) 19

Equal 1st
Charlotte (7Du) 20
Tilly (7Fr) 20
3rd Lola (7Tu) 19

(New) Year 9

1st – 8NI 258 
2nd – 8DO 240 
3rd – 8FR 216 
4th – 8DU  8LI 177 
6th – 8DE 168  
7th – 8JE 126   

Equal 1st
David (8Du) 29
Monty (8Fr) 29 
3rd Wilbur (8De) 22

1st Meg (8Ni) 20
Equal 2nd 
Grace (8Je) 19
Tilly (8Ni) 19

(New) Year 10

1st – 9FR 223 
2nd – 9LI 205
3rd – 9JE 195 
4th – 9TU 177
5th – 9DO 166
6th – 9NI 159 
7th – 9DU 151
8th – 9DE 85

Equal 1st
Luke (9Je) 20
Bradley (9Li) 20
Equal 3rd
Luca (9Du) 18
Ed (9Do) 18
Zach (9Du) 18
Ollie (9Fr) 18

1st Eve (9Je)
Equal 2nd
Grace (9Do) 19
Kiera (9Ni) 19

(New) Year 11

1st – 10DE 241
2nd – 10JE 195
3rd – 10DU 188
4th – 10NI 176
5th – 10FR 173
6th – 10TU 172
7th – 10LI 118

Equal 1st
Julius (10De) 20
Harvey (10De) 20
3rd Elliot (10De) 19

Equal 1st
Amy (10Je) 20
Iris (10Ni) 20
3rd Charlie (10Li) 19