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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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University of Oxford

The day after the announcement that the University of Oxford has been voted #1 University in a global ranking (read more...), a visitor from Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford came to talk with our Year 11 pupils.

university of oxford, lady margaret hallOur association with University of Oxford was first established in 2013 following an invitation to establish links with their outreach officers.  Since then we have had opportunities to engage with various projects and the latest initiative is designed to promote the process of application and deliver ‘mythbusting’ sessions to pupils and dispel historic ideas of the ‘perfect pupil profile’.

On Thursday 22 September  Marrium, our current Outreach Officer, delivered an informative session to our ‘High Achieving’ Year 11 pupils, along with pupils from Sir William Romney's and Cirencester Kingshill schools.  She also led a mini tutorial, giving pupils the opportunity to experience the style of learning that takes place in tutorials at university.  Having a talk from and being able to ask questions of someone working at this world-renowned university was an opportunity not to be missed!

Marrium talked about the fact that she came from Slough (the thing Slough is most famous for is it has the biggest Tesco in Europe), that her parents had not been to university and that she was not convinced that she would fit in. But she found she had something in common with all other students at Oxford: a desire to learn. Students are picked not just on past academic achievements - for example, Marrium didn’t get straight As in her GCSEs - they are looking for potential

university of oxford visit

university of oxford visit

"Very eye-opening; it dispelled some myths about university life and what kind of people go there." Remi, Year 11 pupil

"The pupils were engaged from the very start and were enthused by the information Marrium told them.  The prospect of being able to access this prestigious college certainly gave many pupils food for thought and helped them to realise that with ambition comes success." Mrs Stubbs, Senior Year Leader

"I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found myself involved in the tutorial session and university looks very exciting!" Ella, Year 11 pupil

"It made me realise that Oxford, and universities in general, are not as formal as I had expected and this increased my interest in them as a whole." Stephen, Year 11 pupil

university of oxfordTwo pupils from our ‘Class of 2014’ have just begun their studies at the University of Oxford: Katie Foye is reading Law and Ly Keen is reading English.  Lauren Smith, from our ‘Class of 2013’, continues her English studies as she begins the second year of her degree.

The University website states that they are “committed to ensuring that our undergraduate admissions processes identify students with outstanding academic potential and the ability to benefit from an Oxford course, whatever their background.” Read more….