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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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District Athletics

Year 7/8 and Year 9/10 District Inter-School Athletics, Summer 2024

On either side of the May half term, the Deer Park Athletics Teams were competing against other secondary schools in the District. Two separate events (see below) were followed by the season-ending, all-day, all-years competition at the Prince of Wales Stadium in Cheltenham on Tuesday 18 June 2024.

Year 9 & Year 10 District Athletics (May 2024)

On Thursday 23 May 2024, our Year 9 and Year 10 Athletics teams travelled to Kingshill School to compete in the District Athletics competition. The teams performed really well, with Deer Park coming 2nd overall out of 11 schools.

Year 9 Girls finished 2nd

100m Chloe B
200m Chloe B
300m Willow KM
800m Gabby B
1500m Willow KM
4 x100m Relay Chloe B, Willow KM, Sasha M, Gabby B
High Jump Willow KM
Long Jump Gabby B and Sasha M
Triple Jump --
Shot Putt Molly B
Discus Molly B
Javelin Martha P

Year 9 Boys finished 1st

100m Noah G
200m Noah G
300m Oscar H
800m Lewis J
1500m Tom C
4 x100m Relay TBC
High Jump Noah M
Long Jump Harry M
Triple Jump Oscar H
Shot Putt Oscar M
Discus Zach W
Javelin Hunter C

Year 9 Athletics Team
Year 9 Athletics Team 2024

Year 10 Girls finished 1st

100m Caitlin U
200m Caitlin U
300m Mimi vW
800m --
1500m Saffi S
4 x100m Relay Caitlin U, Mimi vW, Holly W and Hope G
High Jump Holly W
Long Jump Mimi vW
Triple Jump Mimi vW
Shot Putt Bella M
Discus Hope G
Javelin Hope G

Year 10 Boys finished 2nd

100m Leo B
200m Jack W
400m Issac B
800m Idris TJ
1500m James H
4 x100m Relay TBC
High Jump Leo B
Long Jump Max PT
Triple Jump Jack W
Shot Putt Aiden B
Discus Lazlo W
Javelin Issac B

Year 10 Athletics Team
Year 10 Athletics Team 2024


Year 7 & Year 8 District Athletics (June 2024)

Our two younger Athletics teams (new Year 8 and Year 9) went to Thomas Keble School on Wednesday 5 June to compete against other secondary schools in the District. The sun was shining, and, although a little chilly, there was a lovely atmosphere amongst the competitors. The Deer Park teams did extremely well. The Year 7 team came 1st overall and the Year 8 team came 3rd overall.

Year 7 Girls finished 1st

100m Martha H
200m Tash B
300m --
800m Emma C
1500m Freya A
4 x100m Relay Martha H, Tash B, Martha J, Emma C
High Jump Tash B
Long Jump Phoebe U
Triple Jump --
Shot Putt Maddie S
Discus Evie W
Javelin Phoebe U

Year 7 Boys finished 1st

100m Matteo V
200m Henley B
300m --
800m Zeph P
1500m Josh McG
4 x100m Relay Matteo V, Henley B, Jack L and Josh M
High Jump Josh K
Long Jump Matteo V
Triple Jump --
Shot Putt Rares IS
Discus Will T
Javelin Tad B

Year 8 Girls finished 4th

100m Kelsey R
200m Dolci J
300m  --
800m Ruth B
1500m Esme L
4 x100m Relay Kelsey R, Megan D, Martha C, Hannah B
High Jump Dolci J
Long Jump Tippi B
Triple Jump --
Shot Putt Ellen B
Discus Ellen B
Javelin Patti Y

Year 8 Boys finished 4th

100m Ollie B
200m Ollie B
300m Lore B
800m Ben C
1500m Toby W
4 x100m Relay Ollie B, Lore B, Laurie N, Seb
High Jump Laurie N
Long Jump Seb P
Triple Jump Lore B
Shot Putt Degan L
Discus Degan L
Javelin Ben B

Year 7 Year 8 Athletics team 2024
Year 7 & Year 8 Athletics Team 2024

Evie in (new) Year 8: “It was really fun and I hope we get to do it again really soon. I came 2nd in Discus and 4th in Javelin.”

Matteo (new) Year 8: “I had fun and it was nice to have my friends spectating. I came 1st in 100m and 2nd in Relay. I’m looking forward to representing the school again on Tuesday at The Prince of Wales event.”


Look out for a separate piece on the Year 7-10 (new Year 8-11) District Athletics event  held at the Prince of Wales Stadium in Cheltenham.