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Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School

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Class of 2021: Virtual Celebration

Celebrating our Class of 2021

On Thursday 4 November 2021 we held our annual Celebration of Achievement Evening for the Class of 2021. Unfortunately we had to change this event to a virtual one via MS Teams, due to us currently not holding 'large gatherings' in school (see Covid Challenge).

Whether virtual or in person, the Key Stage 4 Celebration of Achievement Evening is an opportunity to get together and celebrate our former pupils' successes. Each Faculty team nominated individuals they felt had achieved well and made progress. To be nominated is a massive achievement in itself and our nominees should be congratulated as they represent the top 7% of the year group. We also recognised the contribution of pupils outside the curriculum, those who participated in extra curricular activities in PE and Expressive Arts, and pupils' contributions to tutor time.

The final awards were to pupils who had either made significant progress from their starting points or had achieved the highest grades. A special mention to Tiw S who received the Key Stage 4 Award, sponsored by St James's Place, and Ethan C who received the Head Teacher's Award in recognition of his efforts and attainment across the curriculum and contribution to the school.

Ethan wrote: 'It is such a genuine honour to receive this award. I feel so privileged to have been given it and it was such a surprise - I could think of so many peers that deserve it as well. I can't believe it was given to me! I loved all my time at Deer Park and put so much work and effort into all my subjects. The grades I received were more than enough, but to receive this prestigious award on top of that, I feel extremely pleased.'

Mr Bellamy, Assistant Head and Head of Pastoral, commented 'It was, in some ways, apt that the event was held remotely - many of the Heads of Faculty reflected that this year group had been significantly impacted by periods of time working remotely. The whole year group should be congratulated for their resilience, hard work and efforts during this difficult time. We wish the Class of 2021 all the best for the future and hope to see some of them when they come and collect their certificates.'


Although, ironically, the event was another virtual one for our Class of 2021, it was a joy to reflect on the achievements of all our pupils in last year’s Year 11. They are a remarkable group of young people. Many adapted seamlessly to new work patterns during periods of lockdown and self-isolation. They demonstrated amazing resilience and incredible resourcefulness. Their mature responses and shared determination to succeed enabled them to develop robust independent learning skills which will, undoubtedly, serve them well into the future. I congratulate them all on the tremendous progress they made during their time at Deer Park. Congratulations to everyone and a big thank you to our staff who stood by them in truly unprecedented times.’

Chiquita Henson, Headteacher


Collection of GCSE Certificates

The Class of 2021 are invited to physically come up to school to collect their GCSE Certificates from the Main Hall, 4.00-4.30pm each week day, from Monday 29 November to Friday 10 December. Use the external doors at the stage end of the Hall. You will need to be socially distanced and our former pupils are asked to wear a face covering and bring their own pen to sign to confirm receipt of their certificates and any pre-ordered Leavers’ Booklets. Pupils who studied Art or Design subjects will also be able to collect their coursework.

This is also an opportunity for the Class to 2021 to return any school resources in their possession, for example text books, library books, art and design materials etc.

If you have any clean, good quality items of school uniform that are no longer needed, please bag them up, clearly marked FAO Friends of Deer Park and drop them off either in the Main Hall when collecting GCSE Certificates or at Reception.

Any member of the Class of 2021 unavailable to collect their GCSE Certificates in person, can provide a signed letter of authorisation for a named parent to collect them instead; the parent will need to bring photo ID along with the letter of authorisation.